Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Training

The is a being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed.

You have numerous choices for sheltie depending on what you want from your dog. These are great at obedience and respect , house and . Many of the dog owners also feel that they are experienced enough in handling the , especially when the dog was given plenty of attention in their first 8 to 10 weeks of the life.

If you don’t feel confident while your sheltie, then you can hire a professional trainer to train the basic things like sit, come, stay and many more. As consistency and patience is the key during training any kind of dog, this rule also applies in this training. But if you are really preferring for the professional, then look for those trainer who emphasize on the involvement of the owner so that it will be easy during the transition period in home.

This dog is an energetic one but also a bit aggressive toward a herding group of people and even have an urge to nip at the heel of those people because this is the same they do with the cattle. Plus they are also known for their barking habits because of their suspicious nature. This characteristic behavior can be turned for good use with some gentle direction making sheltie a great watchdog.

Social exercise or socialization is must for the which will be making overall difference. In the case of excess barking and nipping, the dog may feel lonely and frightened. So a walk in the neighboring park where your dog can get used to with various scene and sounds will help them to be friendly with other and people. Other option to choose is to be firm in the command “stop barking”.

Timing also matters a lot. If the dog isn’t allowed to do certain thing, then they must be told immediately.

Except this , shelties are also excellent in competition. They are originally a herding dog breed and since this trait is inherited, it is good to check for their parents who have proven herding ability. So this is a part while selecting a dog from various breeders. Some breeders also have a saying that only half of the new shelties have a good herding instinct. You have check for their outgoing personality and look for the tendency to chase the things like ball or other toys.

It will be best to ask for those who are expert owner, breeder and trainer who have successfully finished their sheltie training. The early training sessions should not be long as to avoid the trial and error process. The serious herding training must not start until the dog is 1 year of the age. As shelties are loyal to their owner, you have to choose a trainer who makes an involvement of the owner in the training process. The owner must be prepared to dedicate a lot of time for the training of the sheltie. And don’t forget that patience and consistency is the key for righteous sheltie training.

You can learn to train even the most stubborn breed of dogs within some minutes if you find some really good tips and suggestions from somewhere. Currently I am involved in bedogsavvy which  is a site that has a lot to offer regarding several effective training tips for your dogs to make the dog training easy and exciting.


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