Dog rescue group struggles with confusion over taking in abused dog

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6 News Reporter

GREENEVILLE (WATE) – The head of a dog says she could not rescue an dog and fears it would be euthanized. The charge is the latest in several that have been leveled against the shelter and its director, Betty Crumley.

This situation, however, may be the result of a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Deborah , the founder of Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue, feared the animal in the Campbell County Animal Shelter would be put to sleep needlessly.

Lewellen says she was told she wouldn’t be allowed to take in a black sable Shepherd, but wasn’t told the reason.

told 6 News a policy called stray hold prohibits the shelter from releasing animals within 72 hours of their arrival in case the owner returns.

Lewellen believed the shelter was going to euthanize the animal Monday. She was fearful the dog would be needlessly put to sleep.

“I want that dog saved and they better not kill that dog,” Lewellen said. “He looks to have a skin condition, which is common from fleas or possibly some mange. We don’t know.”

A spokesperson for Friends of Campbell County Animals says Lewellen has been approved to take the dog and should be given him Monday.

Lewellen says shelter’s director Crumley failed to properly communicate with her about the process for taking in the neglected dog.

“Most of the shelters are very happy to work with us,” Lewellen said. “They want us to help these dogs.”

Crumley has been under fire following allegations of animal neglect.

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    It’s wonderful to see that you’re feeling good! And you look beautiful! <3

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