Irish Terrier – Facts You Must Know About Irish Terrier

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

Breed Description

is a compact medium-sized active breed that originated from Ireland. This has a body that is slender and elegantly built that makes them move swiftly light-footedly. The typical Terrier's average weight is 27 pounds for males, and 25 pounds for females, while both male and female has an average height of 18 inches.


The coat of the Irish Terrier is dense and wiry. Their quality is rich, and will have a bit like a broken appearance. Their coats come in golden red, bright red, and red wheaten, often black at birth.


Originally bred to actively work, the Irish Setter requires a great deal of regular exercise. They will need at least a long daily brisk walks. Providing them with a sufficient area to roam around freely off-leash is a great way to exercise this well.


Primarily bred to manage vermin on the farmsteads of Ireland, the Irish Terrier has also been known to be an excellent guardian of the home and family. The Irish Terrier now maintains to be a ratter. While their independence and courage contribute to their positive traits, owner should be able to understand that they are big dogs in a somewhat small body. First time owners should ensure sincere dedication to provide consistent socialization and training to be able to bring out the wonderful and delightful temperament of this breed.


Also referred as the , the Irish Terrier has a keen sense of smell, and therefore makes a great hunting dog that specialized in hunting down rabbits and otters.


The wiry and dense Irish Terrier coat is known to slightly shed. Their coats are easy to care for, with combing and brushing once or twice weekly, and trimming the coat appropriately is recommended to be done twice in a year. Bathing is done only when necessary.


The Irish Terrier is an intelligent and highly trainable breed, although owners should be able to understand that they can be willful and stubborn at times. This breed does best with firm training at the youngest age possible. Trainers should keep in mind that even though they may seem affectionate with people, they are very aggressive with other dogs and should never be trusted with small household non-canine pets.

Due to the protective instinct of the Irish Terrier, it is important that they are socialized well with other people at the earliest as to avoid developing a habit of snapping and biting. Some owners usually go to a professional trainer to start the training, but once owners have grasped the idea of basic training, they will be able to do training themselves.


The Irish Terrier is a feisty and courageous little dog that is generally friendly and affectionate with people, children included. This breed is a loyal and devoted family pet. They should always be supervised when around other dogs as the male counterpart of this breed is known to be willful and fearless, and if threatened, they will be willing to fight no matter what.

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