With Pain and Severe Stiffness Your Dog May Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dogs can get just like us humans, the problem is that they cann't tell us what they are feeling and we have to know and watch our dogs closely to see if they are in pain or other discomfort. Dogs can also get , which is a sort of of the hip joint. Both of these diseases result in in the , pain and . Although arthritis usually is first noticed when the dog gets older, is usually developed at a younger age. It might be a good idea to buy an orthopedic dog bed and this article will show the reasons why and what type of bed we would advise you to buy for your dog.

In this time when dogs have become part of our family we take much better care of them then people did in earlier days, When our dogs get older they need other and quite often they also need an different dog bed. When our dog gets arthritis or we will notice this first in things like that the dog is walking much slower and almost never starts to run anymore, if he can he will walk much smaller walks then he used to and even for a treat he will not leap for it as quickly as he use to and last but not least you will notice the dog will not lay as comfortably anymore as he/she used to.

Types of beds

There are many different dog beds available and they come, just like dogs, in may different . The orthopedic dog beds are usually made from very like , and some even have systems to provide your dog with a soothing . This can help against that they get with arthritis.

These kind of beds are available in like:

Cuddler dog beds (also called nest) This is an excellent bed for dogs who like to curl up and in colder the walls of the bed prevent draft and some of these beds have little legs to prevent this even more.

Pillow or dog beds are the most common dog beds available but there is a big difference in quality. The form we would advise are rectangular in shape, take a size slightly bigger then the diagonal of the dog when he is laying down. The material needs to be of very high quality like or a mix of different material, the underground should be firm and shock absorbing like cedar and the top should be made from a quite thick layer of orthopedic or memory foam. The orthopedic dog bed should be made of material that has a long lasting crush resistance.

If your dog gets cold quickly you can put an electrical blanket especially designed for dogs on the dog

There are many places where you can buy an orthopedic dog bed these days, the best place to look for is online, these web shops usually have all sizes of the bed of your choice. Buying the right size is important because there is much difference if you own a Spaniel or a German Sheppard.

Eddie Gillespie just loves his dog, a black labrador, that's why he started Dog Info Point to let other people know about the fun you can have with dogs. So when you want to read about Orthopedic Dog Bed or homemade dog food visit his website www.doginfopoint.com

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