Airedale Terrier – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Airedale Terrier

The is an AKC registered dog . The following article reviews the .

The is considered the largest of the . They weigh around 55-66 pounds (25-30 kg) and are 23-24 inches (58-61 cm) tall at the withers, females slightly smaller.


A typical 's coat is dense, wiry, hard, and is laying straight close, covering the dog well all over the body and legs. The hardest are crinkling or are slightly wavy. There is an undercoat, which is termed as the growth of a softer hair, at the tip of the stiff hair.

Their head and ears be tan, ears having a darker shade than the rest. The legs up to the elbows and thighs and the bottom part of the chest and body are also tan, and usually runs through the shoulder. The upper parts of the body and sides should be dark grizzle or black. It is not considered undesirable if a red mixture is found with the black. The Airedale with a small white blaze on their chest is considered a characteristic of a certain strain of this breed.


The Airedale Terrier is very active. They require extensive exercise as they tend to be restless and often get in trouble if not given the right amount of activity. They love to jog, run, swim, and play. Long walks daily are recommended, with at least an average-sized yard where they can run and play. Their activity requirement will usually lower down after the first two years.


The Airedale are playful and fun-loving when they are puppies. They need firm and consistent handling, extensive socialization and obedience training at their youngest to prevent natural dominance. They are good with children if trained properly, but may be rough to smaller ones. A mature Airedale is adaptable, friendly, and courageous. They are not that aggressive towards other dogs, yet will stand their ground when challenged. They are loyal, devoted, and protective of their families.


The Airedale Terrier is a pleasant breed. They are brave, affectionate, and lively. They should start obedience training at the earliest to prevent dominance, and to ensure that the dog will be well-trained.


An Airedale Terrier's hair is stiff and crisp making it fairly hard to groom. Dead hair must be plucked at least twice in a year. Shedding depends on the cut of the coat, and owners should wash the beard regularly to keep it from caking.

This kind of breed is tough, although they might suffer from eye problems, skin infections, and hip dysplasia. So, important to visit the veterinarian for regular check-up. Omega-6 or Omega-3 fatty acid ratio in their diet is recommended for dry skin.


Airedale are not difficult to train. They respond very poorly to overbearing and rough methods. They are intelligent, they learn quickly, but they tend to get bored easily. A little variety is a great way to get their attention.


The are protective, yet affectionate. Although they are not recommended for average families due to their dominance issues, they tend to be very sweet and entertaining if trained and socialized properly.

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