The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The hair is short and thick and creamy base color fawn, very often combined with large dark spots (usually black and occasionally liver). The tail is long and tapered at the tip and usually carried upright.

His short hair does not require excessive care. As it is demanding is respect of the exercise, which requires large doses. In the health field should review their long ears and be careful with the affections of the stomach.

Although some people think that the St. Hubert hound is a dog with funereal, far from reality, it is a charming and friendly dog that can kindly be described as great. It is not fierce, despite their appearance, but the opposite is a very friendly animal, especially with children.

Its remote origin, according to some authors, would be the Middle East, from which it was introduced to Europe by the Crusaders. Already in Europe its breeding was carried out by the monks of the abbey of St. Hubert in the Belgian Ardennes, hence its name. In England in 1066 came from the hand of . Already in the British Isles was named Bloodhound, becoming so popular that the British claimed the origin of the breed, although the FCI has recognized Belgium as a country of origin.

It is a tracker feature. In fact, according to many experts, this race has the best smell in the world: it is said that when one of these dogs found the trail and not lost. It has also been used as a to track fugitives (depending on which has appeared in some movies fame). Some hunters consider it slow, which has relegated his duties as hunting and is considered increasingly as a companion dog.

– The best nose of the dog world.
– Friendly and kind.
– Has a melodious bark.
– Big fan of tracks.

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