Cesky Terrier Perfectly — Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Cesky Terrier Perfectly

The Sealyham is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The Terrier is a little sturdy rectangular terrier with drop-ears, long coat, and short legs. This little terrier has an average weight of 13-23 pounds and height between 10-14 inches.


The coat of is long, silky, and soft. Wavy and slightly sleek, the coat of this breed is not typical in most terriers. Their hair is somewhat long over their entire body. Most commonly seen colors of this breed are blue-gray, ranging between silver to dark charcoal. Some has a uniform color, while others have paler markings on their faces and extremities.  


The is able to exercise on their own so owners do not need to spend too much time with supervised activities. 30 minutes of walk daily is recommended as they tend to easily put on weight and playing does not suffice their primal walking instinct.


The Cesky Terrier is playful, and athletic, yet calm and patient. A loving and affectionate dog, this breed is great with children of all ages. Brave, obedient, courageous, loyal, and intelligent, the Cesky is easy to train. Socialization should be done as puppies, exposing them with different people and various animals in positive situations to go through a variety of circumstances. In that way, they will become well-adjusted, with the ability to mingle with people for which they love.

During travelling, the Cesky Terrier is not a problem. They make excellent companion dogs with the ability to play with children and be a threatening attentive guard dog as well. It is important to always remember that dogs are canines, and it is important for owners to keep in mind and ensure that their natural instinct as animals is met.


The Cesky Terrier, developed by Frantised Horak in Czech Republic, is commonly referred as the Bohemian Terrier.

There are several crosses for this breed of Sealyham and Scottish Terriers made by the Cesky.


The Cesky Terrier needs brushing or combing twice a week, with clipping every six to eight weeks. This breed sheds very little so regular grooming is needed to prevent matting. Always clean the corner of the eyes, and trim excess hair from the ear canal twice a month during monthly/clipping session.

This breed is generally healthy, although some are known to be at risk for Scottie Cramp Syndrome, also known as Wobbly Scottie.


The Cesky Terrier is a highly trainable breed, highly responsive, intelligent, and sensitive. They do best with positive approach to training due to their soft personality. Training should start during puppyhood as this will be the best time to build up a good relationship and trust with this breed. Fairly obedient with loving nature, this breed's training should be positive and stable. They need consistent, firm, and positive training methods.


The Cesky Terrier is a bit different than most of the terriers. They are generally calm, and bark less than that of the average terrier. They are highly adaptable to different situations, making them great for different kinds of people.

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