Puppy season has arrived: Puppies, puppies and more puppies at BARC

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HOUSTON- has officially in Houston and numerous young canines have already ended up at BARC: than 100 are under the care of BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions, and 75 of them are currently available for adoption.

“The puppy nursery at BARC is bursting at the seams,” said Chris Newport, BARC Spokesman. “It’s puppy season year-round in Houston, but we always see a spike during the spring season. We’ve taken in 131 puppies just in the last week and 422 since March 1. We don’t expect that number to decrease for at least the next couple of months. If you’ve been looking to adopt a new puppy, now is a great time to do it at BARC.”

BARC has a huge selection of puppies available for adoption, from Lab and Shepherd mixes to Chihuahua/Dachshund mixes and everything in between. Whether Houstonians are looking for a large-breed puppy to become a jogging partner or a small-breed puppy to become an adorable lap dog, BARC has the perfect match for every Houston family.

“These puppies are new to this world and should have the opportunity to live a full and happy life,” said Newport. “They can’t help that they are starting their lives in a shelter, but Houstonians can ensure they spend the remainder of it in a home with a family who can give them the love they deserve.”

In addition to the numerous puppies, BARC also has plenty of , cats and kittens available for adoption. Hundreds of dogs and cats at BARC are waiting to find their forever homes. currently available for can be found on BARC’s website, but BARC encourages all Houstonians to stop by BARC at 3200 Carr Street, Houston 77026 and meet each animal in person. BARC is open for adoptions Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

BARC’s adoption fees are as follows: Dogs are $ 50, Cats are $ 20, and puppies and kittens 4 months and younger are $ 75 and $ 35 respectively. BARC’s pet adoption package includes spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations, a one-year city license, a pre-registered microchip with lifetime registration and . The adoption package is the best value in town, and could cost hundreds of dollars if purchased through a vet or other adoption services. Details about BARC’s adoption process and requirements are listed on the “About Adopting at BARC” page on BARC’s website.

If you are unable to permanently adopt a pet but would like to help animals in need, BARC encourages you to consider becoming a volunteer or foster pet parent at BARC. BARC is especially in need of foster pet parents. Many dogs and cats enter BARC with treatable skin conditions, upper respiratory infections and other treatable conditions that must be taken care of outside of the shelter before adoption. Some puppies and kittens that enter BARC are too young for adoption and must be fostered before they can go home with a permanent family. By getting these animals out of BARC and into foster homes, BARC has space for additional animals as they enter the shelter.

Visit www.houstonbarc.com or www.Facebook.com/BARCHouston for information.

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