Puppy rescued from Dixon fire

A lived to wag his tail again, thanks to a firefighter who braved the thick smoke of a structure Sunday evening to rescue the four-footed furball.

The fire started around 6:35 p.m. inside a shop in the 400 block of North Jackson Street, as the owner worked on a vehicle parked inside the structure, Dixon Division Chief said on Wednesday.

The blaze was quickly upgraded to a first alarm and two Dixon fire engines with a total of five personnel responded to the call, officials said. The fire activated the shop's sprinkler system and, along with help the owner, the flames had been extinguished by the time arrived.

Smoke filled the shop's three adjoining suites, with the heaviest smoke in the area of origin, authorities reported. Despite the vehicle being removed, the owner told firefighters that his 3-month-old puppy was lost somewhere inside the smoke-filled structure.

Firefighters donned self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and waded into the dense smoke, Karlen said. Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Fields quickly located the puppy, which suffered severe and had become lethargic and was having difficulty breathing, and brought the dog outside to safety.

The puppy received oxygen utilizing the department's recently acquired pet oxygen mask system, officials said. After several minutes of oxygen therapy, the “happy and thankful” puppy recovered and was reunited with his owner.


people were injured in the fire.

Firefighters remained at the scene for sometime afterward, removing water from the structure and using fans to help the smoke dissipate, Karlen said. The building's power, alarm and were restored on site by the Dixon Fire Department.

Though Karlen said the building sustained very little damage, Officials estimated the fire caused approximately $ 7,000 in damages.

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