3 Tips For Better Dog Training Success

A lot of trainers will tell you that you do not have to correct your at all. They believe in positive reinforcement, with the absence of a reward being viewed as punishment enough to stop many unwanted behaviors. However, A dog can sometimes behave so badly that it becomes very hard to change the behavior, if it is left unchecked for an extended period of time.

Here are three vital rules to follow to make sure you have a well-behaved dog. Keep in mind that things like barking are behaviors that is very self-reinforcing. The dog's continued barking allows him to positively-reinforce himself, with out any input from you, the owner. Therefore, your dog's barking will probably require , to correct the issue.

It's always a good idea to implement both positive and into your regimen.

Here Are Three Easy Tips to Folow

1. Vary how you communicate with the dog when it misbehaves; don't just say “No.” It really does make sense when you think about it. If the dog misbehaves, you must correct the bad behavior in a consistent manner. Using the word “NO” to stop him from peeing in the floor, jumping on strangers, or barking uncontrollably doesn't really teach the dog very much. Your dog will hear the word “NO”, but will be unable to apply it's meaning to the ceasing of any one behavior, because you use it too broadly. Your poor little dog will be thinking, “NO. Okay mom. But NO what? WHAT am I doing bad or wrong? Does this mean I shouldn't jump? Could it mean Don't bark?” You can see how this would be problematic for your canine friend. It's much better to use specific commands when you want your dog to act in a specific way. For instance, use the word “quiet” when your dog is barking, and “off” when he or she jumps on someone. You will have much better results, and you dog won't be so befuddled all of the time.

2. Never use the name of your dog in a negative manner. If you use your name to scold him, or while he is being punished, he will come to associate his name with bad things that are about to happen. This will train your dog to fear his name, and you as well. Let's make the previous statement applicable to our life. As a child, my parents commonly called me Annette, as that is my real true name. However, my mother would call me “Mary Jane” when I did something wrong. When I heard those words, I KNEW I was in trouble, and I would want to run and hide. This is how your dog will feel if you use his name in a negative manner.

3) If you decided to use hand signals in your , you want to make sure to use each gesture with only one command. If you do not use a different signal for each command, your dog will be confused. Trust me!

Different behaviors require different words.

Look to this example for some great ideas:

• Ready – Means look at me, pay attention

• Sit – Means to sit on your bottom

• Stay – Means do not move

• Down -Means lay down with your belly to the floor

• Come – Means to come to me now

• Drop – Means take that out of your mouth

• Ouch – Means take your mouth from my hand

• Kennel Up – Means go to your crate

It's always better to have a plan of action ready, and know what you want to accomplish with your dog, before you begin. It's your duty as the master to focus on your animal and work to make him the best citizen he can be. Both of your lives will be richer and fuller because of it.

Annette Masse, better known as Betty , has been loving and respecting for 25 years. Sign up for her complimentary course for you and your dog at ForTheLoveOfDogZ.com

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