Q&A: Is the Kirkland Dog Food from Costco good for my dog?

Q&A: Is the Kirkland Dog Food from Costco good for my dog?

Question by Am?lie: Is the for my dog?
Hey everyone!
I just bought my little dog from costco for the little ones, and he loves it!
Sorry I don’t know much dog , but my vet costco brand dog food, and it’s so cheap so it’s good so far!
Sooo thoughts?
Yeah answerer 1, I’ve been looking at stuff.

Best answer:

You should research a raw food diet, my mom has her dogs on it. They are all very healthy, happy, and energetic dogs. Just a suggestion.

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    • Timpala
    • March 8, 2013

    It’s not the best food out there, but it is way better than most anything you will find at the grocery store. Personally, I wouldn’t even venture into the RAW food diets until you know just about everything about dog nutrition that there is to know. Just do some research on what to look for on the ingredients label. Also, a ton of websites are very biased and are really just advertisements for their particular dog food. I feed my dog Canidae. It doesn’t have all of the fillers that dogs can’t digest anyway. Therefore you don’t have to feed as much and you will have a less poopy backyard. There are other foods with great quality ingredients. Just do your research and find what works best with your dog. Everyone has an opinion on the subject it seems. So take them all in and form your own opinion.

    • Chetco
    • March 8, 2013

    It’s not a bad food. It receives 4 out of 5 stars on most rating websites.( like this one)

    • Bri
    • March 8, 2013

    Its a step up, but not the best.

    • Dances With Woofs!
    • March 8, 2013

    Yes,it is a good dog food.

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