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Have a hedgehog? Beware of pets spreading
Don't judge a by its fur. "Pets can look healthy but can carry germs," says of the . The evidence came when the CDC reported recently that a rare form of salmonella had been linked to …
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Dog treat-related still puzzle the FDA
ConsumerAffairs' founder and editor, formerly headed Associated Press Broadcast , directing coverage of major news events worldwide. He also served as Senior Vice President of and was the founder and editor of …
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Pet project
When you take your pet to the veterinarian, you probably have two goals in mind: Getting your pet the best treatment possible and staying within your budget. A routine examination, in addition to detecting illnesses in the early stages, can be an ideal …
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Today, I'm pleased to chat with Candace Chen of . Hi Candace, nice to meet you. Likewise. Thanks for the invitation. You've developed a line of premium nutritional products for pets. Can you describe what motivated you to do so? It all started when my 5 year old German Shepherd, John Crichton, started walking […]

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