Q&A: Does anyone know where I can get medical ID tags with free ingraving?

Question by almacdon2003: Does where I can get medical ID with ?
I need to get a new medical ID tag for my bracelet. I have to wear it for peanut/ tree nut allergies and asthma and now I need to add shellfish allergy to it as well. The place where I got my tag from will not add any info to my tag they told me I had to buy a new one. I already paid $ 30 for it (tag plus engraving and shipping/ handeling) I would like to find a place to get the tag with free engraving or engraving included with the tag

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Answer by reddog_1965
Try a jeweler or buy a small engraver at a hardware store use it and then return it. Or go to your local wal-mart they may have a machine for dog tags and see if all your info fits it doesn't cost to much. I think $ 7 – $ 10 dollars.

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