Disabled Puppy Named Wonky Needs A New Home

  • Pink Kitty

    This kitty isn't naturally pink. The cat's owner, Natasha Gregory of Britain told The Sun that she wanted her pet “to match my hair.” The 22-year-old also has a shocking dye job.

  • Prada

    This March 8, 2012 photo shows Nicole Andree feeding a hamburger to her dog, Prada, a 4-year-old pit bull mix, at an animal control facility in Nashville, Tenn. Andree is fighting a lengthy legal battle to save her dog's life after the animal was ordered euthanized for attacking other .

  • Rare Lobsters

    The odds of seeing these three together are roughly 1 in 900 quintillion — but a series of timely donations has allowed Connecticut's Maritime Aquarium to put together one of the most unusual lobster displays ever. While the blue lobster is a 1 in a million catch, the orange and calico are even rarer — with the odds of finding them roughly 1 in 30 million.

  • Animals In The News

    This pet duck, ‘Duckie,' won't hurt himself on the hot sands of San Diego's beaches thanks to a pair of customized booties made especially for him. Previously, the owner, who goes by the name “Miss Love,” had been putting duct tape over his feet instead.

  • Parrot on Roller Skates

    A parrot trained by Italian trainer Anthonie Zattu performs wearing a pair of rollerskates during the International Festival of Cirkus Art on Feb. 20, 2011, in Prague.

  • Alexander Lacey, Animal Trainer

    Alexander Lacey, the big cat trainer for Ringling Brothers And Barnum & Bailey Circus, has been working with lions and tigers for 18 years, ever since he followed his dad into the business.

  • Boy Finds Whale Vomit Worth $ 63,000

    Charlie Naysmith, 8, found this hunk while walking on a beach in Great Britain. He thought it was a rock, but it turned out to be a piece of whale vomit worth $ 63,000.

  • Insect with Singing Penis

    A small water boatman of the species Micronecta scholtzi is seen in this photo from the University of Strathclyde Glasgow. The insect has been found to use its penis to perform a very loud mating call. Scientists say the “singing penis” — relative to its body size — is the loudest animal on Earth.

  • 21-lb Lobster

    This photo released by the New England Aquarium, in Boston Tuesday, July 24, 2012, shows a 21-pound lobster caught July 14 off Cape Cod, and donated to the aquarium where it will be displayed after a 30-quarantine period.

  • Dogs Behind The Wheel

    The New Zealand SPCA taught dogs to drive as part of a campaign meant to demonstrate the intelligence or rescue dogs and boost adoption rates. Yes, these dogs are actually driving cars. Read the whole story here.

  • Tori, the Smoking Orangutan

    Tori, a 15-year-old orangutan, holds a cigarette stub between her fingers inside her cage at Satwa Taru Jurug zoo in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, Friday, July 6, 2012. Zookeepers said they plan to move Tori, who learned to smoke about a decade ago by imitating people, away from visitors who regularly throw lit cigarettes into her cage so they can watch and photograph her puffing away and exhaling smoke. (AP Photo)

  • Water Skiing Elephant Dies

    In this undated 1958 photo provided courtesy of Liz Dane, Dane is shown performing her act with Queenie the water skiing elephant. The Valdosta Daily Times reports that 59-year-old Queenie was euthanized Monday, June 2, 2011, after her health deteriorated.

  • Chimp Art

    In art, there's primitivism and there's primate-vism. Meet Jimmy, a 26-year-old chimpanzee who can paint. Pictured while creating a painting on cardboard on Sept. 20 at a zoo in Niteroi, Brazil, the monkey's art works have caught the attention of zoological experts who plan a special exhibit for the chimp.

  • Titanic Toad

    Of course she's unhappy. Who likes getting weighed right after the holidays? This is Agathe, a cane toad, and she's sitting on a toy scale during an annual animal inventory at the Hanover Zoo in Germany on Jan. 5. Agathe weighs a slight hop over 4 pounds.

  • Open Rabbit Sport Tournament

    Lisa Marie Bach leads her pet rabbit Marie through an obstacle course in the middle-weight category at the 5th Open Rabbit Sport Tournament (5. offene Kaninchensport Turnier) on August 28, 2011 in Rommerz near Fulda, Germany. Eighty rabbits competed in light-weight, middle-weight and jumping-for-points categories at today's tournament in Rommerz that is based on Kanin Hop, or Rabbit Hopping. Rabbit Hopping is a growing trend among pet rabbit owners in Central Europe and the first European Championships are scheduled to be held later this year in Switzerland.

  • This Little PIggie Has Two Snouts

    This tiny porker has an excuse for making a pig of himself at mealtimes. He really does have two mouths to feed. The bizarre two-month-old youngster — part of a litter born on a farm in northern China — can use both his mouths to eat and appears otherwise normal, say his owners.

  • Camel in the Family

    t's not every day you can say that a camel has shared your breakfast – unless you're Nathan and Charlotte Anderson-Dixon. Each morning they and their 18-month-son Reuben are joined by pet camel Joe, who pokes his head through their conservatory window to help himself to something to eat. The three-year-old happily munches eats bread, fruit and cereal plucked from the table at the family's detached country farmhouse. Joe, who measures 17.5 hands, loves bananas on toast but hates toast with cheese or Marmite. He lives with four other camels but is the only one to share breakfast with his owners. The others have to eat hay, barley, straw and corn mix in their stable in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Nathan, 32, has owned Joe for two years and uses him for camel racing.

  • Man Finds Pythons In N.J. Backyard

    James Geist found two pythons in his West Milford, N.J., backyard within a few days.

  • Giant Atlas Moth

    Giant Atlas moths have hatched at Berkeley Castle Butterfly House in Gloucestershire, England. These huge moths — the largest in the world — are native to the rain forests of Asia and South America. They don't have stomachs and their mouths do not form properly so they don't eat a thing during their two-week life span.

  • Sheep Dog

    This is a lamb in China that looks just like a dog. Farmers in Fugu County, in western China's Shaanxi Province, were left open-mouthed when they saw the young animal running around their field. The lamb has a mouth, nose, paws and tail which look very similar to a dog's features – but still has a white woolly coat.

  • Off-Road Alligator

    The flattened and preserved reptile is at the center of possible legal action against three area men charged with it's theft and subsequent display on a Ford pickup at a nearby mud-bogging party in Michigan.

  • 19-inch Earthworm

    Li Zhiwei, a forestry worker in China, discovered this 19-inch earthworm in a gutter near his house. He plans to raise it as a pet.

  • Dog With Man's Face

    Meet Tonik, a poodle-shih tzu mix that is up for adoption at Homeward Bound Pet Rescue in Mishawaka, Ind. (Credit: Renny Mills Photography)

  • Hippo Goes to the Dentist

    North Carolina Zoo Chief Veterinarian Dr. Mike Loomis recently returned from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where he helped perform a dental procedure on a 3,000-lb. old friend. Loomis, along with veterinarians and keepers from the Parque de las Sciencias museums in Bayamon, conducted dental surgery on “Tomy,” a 39-year-old male hippopotamus that the N.C. Zoo veterinarian has been treating on a semi-regular basis for two decades.

  • Baby Raccoon Stuck In Sewer

    A baby raccoon that got stuck head-first in a sewer grate is free thanks to the quick and slippery work of some city workers in suburban Detroit. A release from Dearborn Heights says the crew took the raccoon to the Public Works yard for a “much-needed shower” before letting it go in the woods.

  • Silverback Strut

    Ambam, a silverback gorilla at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England, shows off the stance that's turned him into a viral video sensation. Ambam doesn't do the typical ape walk — he stands and struts like a person.

  • Two-headed Bearded Dragon

    A two-headed bearded dragon is set to be the latest attraction at the Venice Beach Freakshow. Pancho and Lefty sit in new owner Todd Ray's hand.

  • Big Brutus

    Brutus, a giant crocodile, was photographed leaping out of the water in Australia by picture-taker Katrina Bridgeford. The 18-foot long croc is a fan favorite among tourists who take cruises along the Adelaide River as he is known for making a big splash while jumping for buffalo meat.

  • Dolphin's Fake Tail

    Winter, a six-year-old dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida, lost her tail when she was three months and now uses a prosthetic tail made especially for her.

  • Is This A Woolly Mammoth In Siberia? — Feb. 2012

    This newly released video taken during the summer of 2011 allegedly shows a living woolly mammoth crossing a river in Siberia. There is much speculation and debate as to whether this is, indeed, a living specimen of prehistoric elephant-related animals that were thought to be extinct.

  • Baby Elephant at San Diego Zoo — Sept. 2011

    A newborn African elephant lifted his trunk in search of his mother at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. In this rare moment, the calf stood alone after he had wandered off a few steps, but shortly thereafter, his mother, 5-year-old sister Khosi (koh-see), and 2-year-old brother Ingadze (in-Gahd-zee) rushed over to tend to the unnamed calf. The Safari Park is now to 18 elephants (eight adults and 10 youngsters).

  • Shar Pei Nurses Endangered Tiger Cubs

    In this picture taken, Monday, June 4, 2012, Shar Pei dog Cleopatra feeds two baby tigers in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, southern Russia. Two baby tigers whose mother refused to feed them found an unusual wet nurse, a wrinkled, sand-colored Shar Pei dog named Cleopatra. The cubs were born in late May in a zoo at the October health resort in Sochi.

  • Missing Rare Indian Star Tortoise

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Tutti is a rare Indian star tortoise. Butti, the zoo's missing tortoise, looks similar to Tutti. The two are brothers and live at the zoo in Colorado Springs, Colo.

  • Mutant Pig Dog

    Locals in Xinxiang city scratched their heads over this four-legged creature, believing it to be a mutant escaped from a scientific lab. Cops confirmed that it is, in fact, a Chinese Crested Hairless.

  • Big Oyster

    The Jurassic monster next to a normal oyster. Aquarist Jenna MacFarlane from the Blue Reef Aquarium with a gigantic oyster fossil that was accidentally trawled up by fishermen off Portsmouth is to be MRI scanned to see if it contains the worlds biggest pearl. The prehistoric mollusc is more than 100 million years old and is ten times bigger than a regular oyster shell. After layers of mud were washed off, it was clear the item was a huge fossilised shell that measured seven inches wide and three inches thick. The shell of this size was nearly 200 years old when it died and could be concealing a pearl the size of a golf ball, dwarfing the size of an oyster pearl's found today.

  • Scientist Swims With Whales

    Natalia Avseenko swims with beluga whales in the White Sea off the coast of northern Russia. A skinny dipping Russian researcher took a ten meter sub-zero plunge in a bid to get up close and personal with two beautiful 15 foot long beluga whales. Scientists believe that the whales could be more friendly with humans if they swim naked – but as these pictures show the clever-looking marine mammals called Matrena and Nilma seem happy to swim with the same lady whether bears all or not. Champion free diver, Natalia Avseenko, 36, from Moscow gamely jumped into an ice hole in the White Sea off the coast of northern Russia. She was able to hold her breath and swim underwater for an incredible 11 minutes. The pictures show her swimming in the minus one degree Centigrade waters – cold enough to kill a normal person in 15 minutes. Beluga whales generally shy away from conventional scuba divers because they dislike the bubbles they produce. It is thought the synthetic materials used to make wet suits smell bad to them.

  • World's Longest Cat

    Robin Henderson stretches her cat, Stewie, outside of her home in Reno, Nev. Stewie, a 5-year-old Maine Coon, has been accepted by Guinness World Records as the world's longest cat at 48.5 inches long. Unfortunately, Stewie passed away in February, 2013. He was 8.

  • Rebecca Reichart, Leroy Nunez, Nicholas Coutu, Claudia Grant, Kenneth Krysko

    In an Aug. 10, 2012 photo provided by the University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History researchers, from left, Rebecca Reichart, Leroy Nunez, Nicholas Coutu, Claudia Grant and Kenneth Krysko examine the internal anatomy of the largest Burmese python found in Florida to date, on the University of Florida campus. The 17-foot-7-inch snake weighed 164 pounds and carried 87 eggs in its oviducts, a state record. Following scientific investigation, the snake will be mounted for exhibition at the museum for about five years, and then returned for exhibition at Everglades National Park. (AP Photo/University of Florida, Kristen Grace)

  • LEFT: The Stargazer fish which bears an uncanny resemblance to Homer Simpson. (Caters News / Getty Images)

  • Andre The Turtle

    Thirteen months ago, Andre the turtle suffered massive injuries from boats that left a massive hole in his shell and the inside of his body exposed to the elements. However, thanks to some innovative treatments, including using orthodontic techniques to repair his shell and a vacuum treatment on open wounds, he is scheduled to be set free on Aug. 3.

  • Lip-Syncing Monkey

    A female monkey lip-syncs during a show by the monkey drama troupe Prakit Sitpragaan in Bangkok in September. Prakit Sitpragaan has been performing traditional stories adapted from Asian classical novels and folklore in Thailand for more than 30 years.

  • Big Litter

    Hania, a 4-year-old Great Dane, feeds her 3-day-old puppies in the Warsaw suburb of Nowa Iwiczna on March 17. Hania gave birth by cesarean section to 17 puppies.

  • Horse plunges into crowd

    In this May 5, 2011 image provided by Animals Australia, a riderless horse plunges into a crowd of spectators after jumping a fence at the Warrnambool Grand National Steeple Chase at Warrnambool, Australia. An 80-year-old woman and a two-year-old boy are in stable condition in a hospital while 5 others were also injured.

  • Hero Dog Missing Snout Seems To Have Beaten Cancer

    Kabang, a dog in the Philippines, had her snout and upper jaw sheared off when she jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle, saving her owner's daughter and niece from serious injury or death, according to newspaper reports in the Philippines. After completing six weekly intravenous chemotherapy infusions, Kabang appears to have beaten the cancer she was suffering from.

  • World's Smallest Living Cat — Oct. 2011

    Fizz Girl, a Munchkin Cat from San Diego, Calif., has grabbed the record title for Shortest Living Cat. Measuring in at just 6 inches tall from floor to shoulder, Fizz Girl weighs 4 pounds, 2.3 ounces. Munchkin cats are a special breed that have little legs caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

  • Sperm-sniffing Police Dog

    Police Dog Handler B-G Carlson with the sperm-sniffing dog Rapport's Opus, which collected evidence against a 23-year-old man who was charged with a rape. Credit: Aftonbladet

  • In this Aug. 18, 2012 photo provided by Jody Bright, Molly Palmer stands with her husband Shawn Palmer near her catch_ a 12-foot marlin that took more than four hours to get on her team

  • Roo the Reading Dog

    Roo the Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D) helps a pupil at Graytown Elementary School in Graytown, Ohio.

  • Piggyback Monkey

    Miwa, a baby monkey, rides a young boar named Uribo in the Fukuchiyama City Zoo, in Kyoto, Japan, on Oct. 19. Both have been sheltered by the zoo since June after losing their mothers

  • Sweden Moose on Loose

    The slightly injured moose on its way out in to freedom after his visit to a geriatric care home in Alingsas east of Goteborg, Sweden, Thursday June 9, 2011. The moose jumped through a canteen window into the building in Alingsas in western Sweden Thursday. The residents were evacuated and the moose locked into a small room next to the entrance. Since the moose's injuries were concluded to be minor it was released into freedom. (Adam Ihse, Scanpix/AP)

  • Gemini, The Two Faced-Kitten

    Sadly, Gemini, a kitten from Rhode Island, had a short life.

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