Abandoned puppy with untraditional looks seeks new home

The dog, named , suffers a leg condition that has caused the “knuckling” of her joints, leaving her under-developed bending outwards.

She was found wandering the streets as a stray and brought to the in earlier this month, but staff are worried the eleven-week-old Staffordshire cross may struggle to find a new .

, manager at Leeds, said: “She’s suffering from an extreme case of the condition known as knuckling of the carpal joints.

“It’s such a sad case because this is completely preventable if only she’d had the right love and care.

“She has not had the right supplements to enable her to grow properly and so her are too weak.

“We don’t know everything about her background but we think that she was removed from her mother too early and was then . She has not had the right nutrition and a poor diet has meant her are underdeveloped.”

Since arriving at the centre on February 7, Wonky is already showing signs of improvement after receiving regular physiotherapy treatment to straighten her legs.

Staff say they have to stretch her legs into a straight position 30 times twice a day and hope that eventually they will begin to straighten, to aid her walking.

Anyone interested in re-homing the should call Trust Leeds on 0113 281 4920.

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