Woman convicted of animal cruelty after dog found with bound muzzle

Woman convicted of animal cruelty after <b>dog</b> found with bound <b>muzzle</b>

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No one really knows who put the rubber band around Sox's muzzle -- it could have been the kids, he said. And when Cogdell discovered it, she was too poor to take Sox to a vet. "He might not have been ready for the Westminster Dog Show," Massaro argued …
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Japanese 'Quack' Muzzles Make Dogs Look Like Ducks (PICTURES)
So there's bound to be a duck muzzle to suit YOUR four-legged friend and/or brighten up your home interior: dog duck muzzle. We can't wait for the Japanese to turn their hands to dog cone collars. Which, as Sean Lock has pointed out, are clearly …
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Are electric shock collars helpful, harmful or useless for dog training?
Using a leash jerk (snapping the leash to correct behavior) could do extensive damage to a dog's neck, particularly if you have a smaller breed dog. Slapping your dog's muzzle (as in "You peed in the house, bad dog!") can do extensive physical and …
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