Q&A: What kind of nail clippers should I use on a guinea pig?

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Question by MattieB: What of clippers I use on a guinea pig?
Are any I can get at the store good enough? I know I’ll need a smaller size since guinea pigs aren’t as big as most and cats. Should I get the scissor type clippers, or the pliers type ones? Or do you just use human clippers? I want to use whatever is safest and most painless for the guinea pig.

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Answer by Lara
Hey MattieB

You can use human clippers, but I use special guinea pig and rabbit claw trimmers – link here: http://www.petsathome.com/shop/claw-trimmers-by-options-15832

If you Google ‘guinea pig clippers’ other brands of the same item come up 🙂

But when you clip their nails make sure you cut below the blood line – you’ll see the blood line as a short, thin line of red. Cut before this, otherwise the will bleed and the piggy will squeal!!

If your pig has black nails then it is pretty much impossible to see the blood line but as long as you don’t trim the nails too short then you won’t have a problem 🙂

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    • BumbleBee
    • February 19, 2013

    You can buy some from pets at home that are specifically designed for cutting guinea pig nails. I used to use baby scissors but they were difficult to control and took a lot longer so the pigs got fidgety which made it even more difficult!! Since I started using these it is done in seconds and the pigs are very happy. Just be careful not to cut into the pink as this is the blood line so will hurt the pig and it will bleed…. a lot!!

    • randc290
    • February 19, 2013

    Basically, any clipper you feel comfortable with will work. I use human toe nail clippers or a “loop” clipper designed for cats. My wife likes to use a scissors. The important thing is that you feel like you have good control when you are using it. As gar as comfort for the pig, the type of clipper doesn’t matter but it should be sharp enough to cut clean and not produce rough crunched looking edges. You need to replace your clipper if that starts to happen

    • Lyn
    • February 19, 2013

    Walmart has the little cat claw or bird claw clippers. They are the best and easiest. Very sharp.
    Heres a tip, hold the Guinea Pig facing left if you are right handed..and cut them from behind..lift foot backwards, same with any other pet.
    If you need to have someone hold its favorite treat in front of it, but not actually give to it, to distract.
    Good Luck Most any groomer would be willing to do it for you at a very reasonable price. Or free.
    I dont charge for stuff like that. Only takes a minute.

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