Students Learn Lesson About Writing

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The kids learned about the power of the pen when they wrote letters about the dog messes left on nearby roads.

Half the class from Branksome Heath Middle School wrote to their local newspaper and half to their local MP about the problem of dog waste near where they live. They got a reply from and an extra visit from the to clean up the .

The class assignment was to write a letter of complaint. and their teacher invited them to choose their own topics. The most popular one was the dog outside the school, she said.Now, because they have had the reponses to their letters and someone came out and cleaned the mess up, they have proven to themselves that a dissertation to the right people gets things done.

, age 11, was very impressed with the reply he received from Mr Syms. “I was really pleased when we got a response. I was surprised we did. I didnt know it was against the law to let your dog foul the pavement”, he said. Jamie Bowers, age 10, was also pleased.”I was surprised. I thought they would have been dealing with other stuff. I was excited to read it”, he said.

Jessica McAulay, age 11, said the dog was an issue the students felt strongly about. There was a lot of it near the school and everyone kept on walking in it, she said.

Shyam Krishnan, age 11, cautioned, “I take my dog out and I pick up after it. It gets really frustrating when you tread in someone elses dog mess”. KC Holland, 10, agreed. “It makes me really annoyed when I take my dog for a walk. I get really annoyed when I step in it”.

(We always recommend carrying doggy “poop” bags and a scooper with you when taking your dog for a walk. C’mon people, your neighbors yard and public streets are not bathrooms!)

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