Positive Dog Training With Dog Training Treats

If you want a well behaved that is used to obey commands and listens to you in all kind of situations you need to train your and if it is possible you should start training when he or she is still a . A well trained dog is of immense importance to both you as the dog. If your puppy does not learn to do his business outside of the house or to listen to you in dangerous situations like a busy road you and your dog will not have a happy long life together. is there for a very important part in the life of your .

There are many ways to train with your puppy but this article will only be about dog training treats and the way you can use these to reinforce the positive behavior in your dog.

, size and gender do not matter

You can use dog training treats regardless of gender, size, purebred or mixed breeds and even age as long as the dog likes treats. And most do like pet cookies or even a little piece of chicken or vegetable, although not all dogs. For the very few dogs that do not like treats you can use their favorite toy for the same effect. Dog training treats should be used when your puppy does something right, it is a way to learn the that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is ignored and does not result in anything nice or . A good question most owners have before they start with this method is if in every type of training, treats can be used?

Dogs that like treats will see them as a very positive influence to listen to you and obey your commands. Most dogs will learn very quickly that if they listen they will be rewarded with something tasty. It will also work in training the dog in being safe and friendly with humans and other and even with objects like cars. By using a reward you let your pet focus on you and when he is busy with what you are doing he can not do other things like getting in dangerous situations.

You can also use dog training treats to prevent negative behavior for example when it urinates or sprays in your house or other unwanted places or moments. You can break these unwanted habits, by teaching your dog to sit when you see he is about to do something wrong and when he actually sits, you can reward him with some dog training treats, this way you have distracted a possible negative situation and turned it into a positive one.

The down side of dog training treats

Is there a down site to this manner of training? Well there can be, you need to make sure that the treats you give your dog are healthy and that the dog does not get to much nutrition during the day. Otherwise you will have a well behaved but very fat dog in your house. You can use part of the dogs as , or give your pet less dog food and some healthy treats. The treats do not have to be big, but they need to be something that the dog will like to work for. You can try some healthy treats to see which one your dog likes best and sometimes it works very well to change the treats every ones in a wile, this will keep the dog eager to work for you.

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