Puppy Luv Glam Girls Fashions Creating Buzz with Charity Line

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When Priya Mittelmark founded Puppy Luv Glam fashion in 2012, she started a company solely for her passionate cause. Mittelmark was inspired to design a logo based fashion collection for girls that raised awareness and funds for animal rescues nationwide. Luv recently contracted with the ASPCA as a licensed brand partner.

“I wanted to put my passion into the fashion for all the glam-gals. You can capture a much larger audience through fashion. Our story is you don’t have to be a dog lover to wear our clothes but secretly you will be since a portion of each sale goes to charity,” says Mittelmark. The Pink Puppy logo brand has risen quickly with the words “Spoiled and Fabulous” adorned with Swarovski crystals. The premise being every rescue animal deserves a “Spoiled and Fabulous” life.

Another inspiration Mittelmark said, “In a time when girls have such high insecurities about themselves and an unattainable view of beauty, we want girls of all ages to feel confident wearing our clothing. They are Spoiled and Fabulous in their creative looks regardless of material things and you can conquer the world if you want to. It’s a state of mind.”

Luv was invited to be a part of the “Swag Bags” that celebrities receive at the official backstage gifting suite for the 2012 Country Music Awards, as well as gifting their ladies clothing for celebrities at the upcoming 2013 Grammys. Also, their garments appeared in the People magazine Moms&Babies celebrity gift basket giveaway and will be featured as “Must have products 2013 for “Teens &Tweens” in Celebrity Baby Scoop.com. They will be part of the upcoming WeHeartThis.com animal rescue fundraiser at the legendary celebrity salon Cristophe in Beverly Hills February 10th, 2013.

Up to 4 million and cats are euthanized every year in the U.S. according to The Humane Society. Mittelmark also added, “My goal is to get people involved to contact their legislators and institute harsher laws for animal abusers, mills and reduce the rate and methods of euthanizing. It’s my hope that we inspire and educate girls at an early age to give back to the causes they believe in.”

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