The Missing Link In Canine Nutrition.

by Jillian Plankston

Imagine your in the old days. That's right, before ipods, libraries and freeways. Imagine your dog as he would have been thousands of years ago. Apart from being a whole lot less friendly, how else do you think his existence would have differed from today?

For a start, his would have been totally different. With his pack, he would have hunted for meat and scavenged for titbits. Everything he ate would have been natural and raw and unprocessed. How many do you know of that eat like that, these days?

The truth is dogs are becoming just like humans, in that most of what they eat is heavily processed, and potentially lacking some they would have consumed in the wild.

One way to bring back into his diet the goodness of those raw natural foods is to incorporate .

Rich with nutrients, The Missing Link is full of the goodness of wholefoods to properly nourish your dog.

The supplement is a dry granular powder, nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed. It is packed with vital nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals.

The range of ingredients in this nutritious powder include molasses, rice bran, kelp, sprouted green , yeast, flaxseed – all these buzz words in human nutrition – now is the time to share those benefits with your .

There are two varieties of The Missing Link for Dogs – the and the super nutritious Canine Plus formula.

The Missing Link Canine Plus formula contains a rare form of vegetarian glucosamine, which of course helps to keep joints healthy.

Both formulas are jampacked with nutrients and antioxidants to boost the immune system and promote general overall health.

The Canine Plus formula is ideal for dogs with age problems, joint issues and .

Added to your dog's food according to his weight, on a daily basis, The Missing Link may improve your pet's general health, give better digestion, improve the quality of his coat and skin, invigorate him with increased energy, quicker recovery times, a reduction in allergies, healthier joints and one of the underestimated advantages, a reduction in scent.

For every twenty pounds of dog weight you will need to give one teaspoonful per daily meal, up to 6 teaspoonsful for over 100lbs. Continuous use will produce the greatest benefits of treatment.

Choose The Missing Link to give your dog all the benefits of the past with the advantages of the present, for a healthy future.

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