Dog Collars: Strangulation & Prevention

In this video I share the experience that I had about 7 years ago. THANKFULLY I had been home… I also share a story of my Dad's that didn't end as well. After my I immediately took the off of our dogs out of fear that they would get themselves into a bind again but needed something to identify them (outside of their microchips)… this is when I found “Keepsafe break-Away .” I have been ordering here: for the last 7 years. I love this company and am thankful for them each time one of their collars was broken away. I know that this is outside of my normal video “box” (especially after my last ghost story video lol) but I think that this is something that is very important and not thought of until it's too late… so here is my little PSA 😉 I have yet to find another GOOD dog breakaway collar. Something that I show but didn't talk much about is that they are re-usable. So if they do happen to break away you just snap it back together and put it back on. Again, I show this in the video but I didn't specifically say it.
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    • TheGuidrys2008
    • February 4, 2013

    Thanks for doing this video! We will be looking into them for our pups!

    • Stacie Brenskelle
    • February 4, 2013

    The same thing happened to my younger great dane she likes to chew on the older great danes collar and her mouth got stuck. And Piper(older) was getting chocked and she started to fight her and my dad got her free but after that when ever we leave her alone we take the older ones collar . 🙁

    • journeymotherhood
    • February 3, 2013

    yeah they are nice and look like a good collar and ill try it if i thought my puppy was big enough to break it away if need be my puppy full grown is 3.5lbs and idk it that much weight could break the collar away if need be. but good collars for biggers dogs and thanks for shareing.
    also i never have a collar on mine til outside to go potty on a leach llol

    • gymdawgsrule100
    • February 3, 2013

    just curious, how old are you? you look so young!

    • ilovehandbags06
    • February 3, 2013

    That is so scary.

    • ChristiansMommy100
    • February 3, 2013

    This is great! My cousins puppy hung herself a few years ago! I wish I would have known about these! I will def be sharing this! Thanks!

    • secoxyy
    • February 3, 2013

    One question: we grab our dogs by their collars like if they are about to run out. When you do that does the collars break away? We have a German shepherd and a golden retriever so big dogs

    • Ebone Cardenas
    • February 3, 2013

    My friend came home to her puppy hangging when she lived in Italy and she never forgave herself for leaving him on the patio wish she had this

    • triciakrose
    • February 3, 2013

    I was telling my parents they need to have tags on their dogs, other than microchips, but my mom also had a dog that hung himself and will not use collars. Good to see this product in case their dogs get out

    • Александр Гаранин
    • February 3, 2013

    Я понятия не имею как попал на этот канал, но девушка очень симпатичная, прямо моя мечта ))

    • MetallicFirebug
    • February 3, 2013

    Thanks for this video! Really put things in perspective. My local pet shop doesn’t carry break-away collars so I will order from the website.

    • LittleMsHopeful
    • February 3, 2013

    Great video! Definitely going to look into them for my pooches 🙂

    • Jenny Bean
    • February 3, 2013

    Our dog is never unattended with his collar on. We say to him before we go anywhere ‘where are your clothes!’ and he waits until his collar is on to walk. An interesting idea though for people who leave it on all the time!

    • Anna Elisabeth Hammer
    • February 3, 2013

    Oh, I get so sad hearing you talk about your dogs and seeing them.. I just had to give my dogs away to a new home the other day, and I’ve cried ever since.. 🙁 They’re both rescue dogs; one of them was 6yrs old, we’ve had her for 2 years, and the other one is 7 months, and we’ve had him since he was 9 weeks old. I got to meet alot of different families, and found the perfect one for them, and I’m allowed to visit them anytime, but I don’t think I can handle it.. But we had the same collars..

    • adriana0005
    • February 3, 2013

    What a great vid. I’m definitely buying these, I have two dogs who were playing the other day. One of them got caught on the others collar. I am a sahm mom so I noticed right away and took off the collar but what if I hadn’t been home.Thank you for posting this. =)

    • Gazette2008
    • February 3, 2013

    amazing video. Thanks

    • rednutbrian
    • February 3, 2013

    i dont like or car for dogs but you are very pretty. Kudos

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