Keeping Your Dog Healthy By Making Dog Food At Home

by Jolie Mitchel

Lots of people are making their own food, considering all of the doubts that commercial dog foods have raised about their safety and healthfulness. Itas not hard to make at home, and itas the only way you can guarantee that your dog is eating . Most owners who feed their say that it even saves them money. However, make sure to check out the iia Review of kibble before beginning to mix up your own dog food.

Expert opinion is that the most healthful diets for dogs should be made up of 70% carbs, 25% meats, and 5% vegetables and other ingredients. Because dogs are omnivores, they need to get their nutrition from both meat and vegetable sources. Flours, garlic, and bonemeal are also okay to incorporate.

The carbohydrates in homemade dog food can come from various sources. Whole wheat flour, cornmeal, oats, soy flour and are all good choices for your dog’s . White rice and brown rice are also popular with many dog owners. These carbohydrates should be the base of the dog’s diet.

Meats are the next component of homemade dog food. Try to choose healthy, quality proteins like lean chicken, fish, beef, or even egg whites. Keep these choices in mind when considering the Dog Food Analysis – Reviews of kibble. Many dog owners who make their own home made dog food find that grinding the meat makes the process much easier.

You can also add other ingredients so that you can be certain that the dog food contains all the nutrients your dog needs. Corn, potatoes, celery, and other vegetables are all wholesome and nourishing ingredients to add. Grinding the vegetables you will make it easier for your dog to fully digest the foods. In addition, you can add bonemeal or dehydrated milk in order to include much-needed calcium into your dogas diet.

Cooking the dog food is very simple. All you need to do is blend everything with a little water and cook it over heat until all of the meat or protein is cooked. An effortless recipe you might want to try out is to stir up a cup of cornmeal, a quarter cup of minced chicken, a tablespoon of grated carrots, and a pinch of bonemeal in a pot. Add about half a cup of water and cook until the chicken is cooked throughout. You can store the dog food that you make in a refrigerator for about two days.

There are a couple of ingredients to avoid when you make dog food at home. Anything containing caffeine, such as chocolate, can cause seizures in dogs. There are also foods such as grapes, avocados, and onions, that can be very unhealthy for dogs and should also be avoided.

Making your own dog food is the best way to monitor what foods are part of your dog’s diet. Of course, you should ask your veterinarian about Dog Food Analysis – Reviews of kibble. Overall, this is the best way to save money and, more importantly, keep your dog healthy for years to come.

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    • wwday3
    • March 31, 2014

    Good question. I know many people swear by green beans. Many dogs gobble them up and they seem to do well on them (as a snack or side dish). I would imagine crunchy stuff like apples, carrots, cauliflower, pears would be appealing, as well as berries (like blueberries) because dogs like sweets. NO grapes, though. Grapes are not good for dogs (and that would include raisins). Maybe I should write a post with a list.

  1. i have a one year old pom-chi puppy and I want to know what fruits and vegies that are not only safe but good for him as well? Any suggestions?

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