Hedgehogs featured in 'Puppy Bowl'

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Published: Jan. 27, 2013 at 12:15 PM

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27 (UPI) — Animal Planet is adding nine hedgehog cheerleaders to this year’s “ IX,” which airs opposite the “,” a network said.

Sixty-three puppies are selected to appear on the pre-taped show, and 21 kittens are in the kitten half time feature, the told E! Online. The puppies and kittens all come from shelters.

The nine , dressed in tutus, are “provided by loving families who originally adopted them,” said the , whose name was not reported.

None of the animals are available for sale, the said.

“In years past, all of the puppies and kittens have been adopted to loving families. As of now, only one puppy from this year’s lineup is still up for adoption,” they said.

All breeds of puppies are accepted for the “” as long as they meet age and size requirements.

The “Puppy Bowl” is the the most-watched non-football-related television event on Super Bowl Sunday with an estimated 9 million viewers this year, E! Online reported.

The show was taped in November so the less-than-interesting moments of a puppy’s life are edited out.

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