Skamper Ramp Stop Dog Drownings

is used in a (above ground or in ground) or at a Dock. Makes it very easy for your pet to get out of the water. I have had this since I got my jeep, but never really use it because I am lazy. I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to use it so that I could save some wear and tear on the joints, mainly from jumping out of the jeep. Isabelle is only 5, but she weighs 58 pounds and I worry about her jumping out of the jeep. Hope this helps some of you. If you notice that in a few of the clips I am also clicking Bandit for a 2 on 2 off at the end of the car . I was thinking that if some of you had a ramp, but you do not have a dog walk for agility, you could totally use the ramp to get the 2 on 2 off behavior. Hmmmm Just a thought! I like to think. hehe! Have a great day! Pam & Bandit
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Dog Ramp

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