Puppy's pelvis broken, owner accused of cruelty

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After a neighbor said she saw a man swing his leashed into the air and then to the ground on New Year’s Day, the pet was treated for a and her was arrested, police said.

On Jan. 9, , 64, of the El Rancho Seven mobile home park at 5500 block of Johnson Road in Coconut Creek, was charged by police with one count of animal cruelty.

An called by neighbors took Princess, a 6-month-old Chihuahua mixed breed, to a Davie veterinary clinic on Jan. 3, according to a Coconut Creek police report.

The was treated for the fracture as well as for bruises around her neck, the report said.

Princess was punished because she disobeyed Diaz, according to statements neighbors made to police. One woman said she heard an animal “screaming” before seeing the get struck with a belt.

When she challenged Diaz, the neighbor told an officer that Diaz warned her that if she did not mind her own business, he would hit her, too.

The pet was in extreme pain before treatment and unable to walk, according to the police affidavit.

, the animal rescue volunteer, said El Rancho Seven residents knew her from prior cat rescues and asked her to help with Princess.

“She’s doing fine,” Lane said. “She’s with me. I’m fostering.”

Lane said the , which she said is part Dachshund, will undergo cage rest for six weeks and will most likely be adopted when she is well.

“She’s good, she’s doing OK,” Lane said.

About the abuse charge against Diaz, Lane said, “I don’t think it was habitual. [Princess] doesn’t flinch or show fear.”

On Monday, Diaz was still in a Broward County jail in lieu of payment of a $ 6,500 bond.

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