‘Dog who wouldn’t die’ home after surgery

Buck (Tami Augustyn)

The dog who was found in the head and face with a pellet gun, stuffed in a garbage bag and left to die earlier this month was released from a Texas veterinary clinic on Saturday, following eye surgery paid for by a Facebook campaign.

The 3-year-old male mixed breed–nicknamed “Buck”–had the estimated $ 3,000-to-$ 5,000 surgery at the North Houston Veterinary Clinic on Thursday to repair entry wounds to both of his eyes.

“Buck is sleeping comfortably now,” Tami Augustyn, the woman who first rushed him to the hospital and has since adopted him, wrote on Facebook. “He's been through a lot this past 7 days and he deserves the rest to help him continue to heal.”

It's too early to tell if Buck's vision was permanently damaged, according to Dr. Marc Rainbow, the ophthalmologist who performed the surgery.

The bag containing the dog was discovered tied to a fence in Conroe, Texas, earlier this month. When local residents opened the bag, the canine emerged, took a few steps and collapsed, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

Buck was covered in blood, Augustyn said, leading her to believe he was a “bait dog”—or a dog used by fighting dogs for practice.

Augustyn rushed Buck to an emergency animal clinic, where he was treated for multiple bird-shot pellets to the face, eyes, mouth, neck and shoulders, and hypothermia from left outside overnight.

Buck's Facebook page–Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries–has attracted more than 40,000 “likes” since its Jan. 5 launch. And Augustyn says she's received more than enough money in donations to cover his treatment.

“To everyone wanting to donate for Buck, please be advised I have raised more than enough money for even the worst case scenario,” Augustyn wrote on Facebook. “The generosity of everyone and the outpouring of love and support has given me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream.”

She's since created the Buck Foundation to help other animals like Buck, assist rescue organizations and raise awareness about animal cruelty.

Montgomery County police say they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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  1. Tami you are a lovely person. The scum bags who would do that to a beautiful dog deserve to be punished and i sincerly hope they are. Bless you and i hope you and your new dog have fun together xx

  2. There is still good people, they stand out, like this……

  3. That was a horrible trauma for the people WHO FOUND BUCK :((( So pleased you had the heart to open the bag 🙁 sos so sad! PLEASE FIND THE IDIOTS WHO DID THIS? THE OTHER DOGS NEED PEOPLE TO FIND THEM? THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE NEED TO BE FOUND AND PUT THEM AWAY!


    • Rebecca Lester
    • January 16, 2013

    Why are people so cruel, and why does God let things like this happen to poor animals and children, I just do not understand, I could never hurt an animal or a child..we should hang people like this or send them overseas to fight and bring our good boys and girls home, but do not give these idiots guns, let them suffer..

    • Raylee Cooper
    • January 16, 2013

    If you need to wash your dog witouth shampoo, try talc. Cover the dog, outside of course, then let him have a shake, and it should at least make him smell better!

  5. Throw the previous owner in jail and THROW AWAY THE KEY!

  6. Poor lil guy! I'm glad an angel found him and helped him! You're a wonderful person!

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