Walk Through 5 Panel Wood Dog Gate

Walk Through 5 Panel Wood Dog Gate

5 . This 32 in. high 5-panel indoor pet gate is manufactured with a walk- door constructed of strong welded steel with a handsome black, finish. Designed to easily confine pets, yet provide a convenient walk- door for easy passage from one area to another. To pass through the gate, simply grasp the door with one hand, lift it slightly and then swing it freely in either direction. The door closes securely (held tightly at the top and bottom) with a hidden tension spring to prevent curious pets from nudging the door open themselves. Ideal for use in . Pet gate folds flat for easy and convenient storage or transportation. Available in cherry, mahogany or black. Sizing: Gate weighs 40 lbs. 32 in. H x up to 9 ft. W Each panel is 2 ft. W Shipping Note: Due to weight, gates may be subject to an additional shipping charge calculated during checkout.
List Price: $ 335.00
Price: $ 335.00

Our Neo Mastiff letting himself out of the kitchen.


During a boring, routine weekend, young Glen (Stephen Dorff) and his best buddy Terry (Louis Tripp) decide to explore Glen’s backyard. Before long, the boys come across a strange hole in the ground which yields all manner of sinister prizes. Consulting one of his heavy-metal record albums, Glen comes to the correct conclusion that the hole is actually the Gate to Hell. Offering a sacrifice in the form of a dead dog, Glen further opens the portals of Hades, through which pass some of the most hideous demons imaginable. A surprise box-office hit, The Gate yielded a sequel, predictably titled Gate II. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

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