Q&A: How do I get my dog to jump up on high objects eg bed?

Question by : How do I get my to up on eg ?
My dog just doesn’t want to jump up on high objects! I have tried everything, I've put delicious snacks on the bed, I've encouraged him by pretending to be a dog myself and jumping on it! And helping him by pushing his butt gently! Its ridiculous, I’ve reached the point of desperation.

He does incessant pleas at ungodly hours of the night and day to be lifted on the bed/sofa, its driving me mad! What else is there that I can do to teach him. I’ve only seen him jump once on the sofa and that was by his own will.
He is a very healthy dog, I highly doubt there is anything wrong with his back, he has no problem jumping of the bed. He could be scared however.

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Answer by Lisa R.
Some dogs are afraid of heights, and won't jump. This may be his problem.
You can buy or make him a ramp or set of steps that you can place next to the bed/sofa etc. that he can use to get there.
if he's scared , just jumping may not be an option.

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    • xoFiroza
    • December 22, 2012

    not totally, but kind of.. (:

    • sikyrace
    • December 22, 2012

    i like it…

    • Neyna99
    • December 22, 2012

    this one is good :D

    • jameskirkajfa
    • December 22, 2012

    ahhaha lol it was kinda funnyyyy he didnt have to chop his bawls off i get it

    • InsaneLeon1
    • December 22, 2012

    wow old jk much

    • giantsfan6017
    • December 22, 2012

    she freaks me out
    good joke though

    • oOjumpman23Oo
    • December 22, 2012

    i dont get it someone plss explain….??

    • chaosdragoon1
    • December 22, 2012

    wow, she was really scared of the fruit!!!

    • Dan Spicer
    • December 22, 2012

    no idea

    • OhLookATARDIS
    • December 22, 2012

    Taking a piss on your mother’s grave is more amusing than these jokes.

    • robbingu2
    • December 22, 2012

    That was great xD

    • DrOrphious79
    • December 22, 2012


    about time!

    • DrOrphious79
    • December 22, 2012


    Just FYI, The fanfare at the start and end is way too loud, makes watching your vids annoying, even when you have a worthy joke as this one. js

    • EvAnAlMiGhTy1995
    • December 22, 2012

    his eyes would baldge out because his underwear is to tight? dumb

    • derderderr0o
    • December 22, 2012

    Its not supposed to be his eyes, its supposed to be back pain…

    • MegaAfroGuy
    • December 22, 2012


    • blabbitymouf
    • December 22, 2012

    good one…

    • Mumsilius
    • December 22, 2012

    At the end I was like WTF?? But then I realized that was the joke…

    • TheJurphy
    • December 22, 2012

    The only funny thing about this is the womans face…

    • thebrowniesaur22
    • December 21, 2012

    this is gay

    • Timhisattva
    • December 21, 2012


    • Collie
    • December 21, 2012

    If I could give CG twenty “thumbs up’s” I most certainly would!!

    • CG
    • December 21, 2012


    i wouldnt recommend that!

    consider yourself lucky! i taught my dog to jump and i really regret it now!! once they learn, they keep doing it and its SO ANNOYING!! they’ll just come and randomly jump on you! my dog runs up and tries to jump on me whenever i go outside and she nearly knocked me over, and sh’es only tiny and im avergae height!

    my friend taught her dog, it jumped on the sofa, fell off and broke its leg, TWICE!

    i wouldnt encourage the dog to jump if i were you! be grateful that it doesnt want to, coz when it learns, it will never leave you in peace, and it could hurt itself really badly, im not joking. the site of my poor friends dog hobblogna round with its leg completely in plaster was awful! it got fat coz it couldnt run around and then it had other health problems

    im not trying to criticise you or anything, but dont encourage him to jump. and with his please to be lifted on the bed, if you ignore him, he will stop it after a while. my dog always tried to jump on me when i sat down, so i ignored her and she ventually stopped,

    my mum always patted hre and lifted her up on her lap, so now she doesnt leave mum alone. its annoying, it really is!

    sp please dont!


    God bless

    • VOLKI31
    • December 21, 2012

    ITs a funny question because most people don’t want dogs on there beds. My Schnauzer does the same exact thing. He standsup along side my bed and stares at me until I pick him up.

    I have use treats successfully. BUT he still does not go up there on his own. Basically what I am thinking is there dogs that like to jump and dogs that do not. Mine is only 10months, so hopefully he eventally fined his legs. I had a Mini Poodle growing up that could jump 5ft.

    • Wolfie
    • December 21, 2012

    I think you should keep going with what you’re doing.
    you sound like a caring owner so im sure the dog will trust your judgement in the end! maybe if you pick it up and put it on the bed, you know, to show him/her theres nothing to be scared of!

    Good luck.

    • mrdudica
    • December 21, 2012

    get naked lay on i the bed hell come

    • DragonSlayer
    • December 21, 2012

    Nice try but you need to tie in a command with the reward. This may take some time for him to figure out though if your dog is old (not impossible). Before you start make sure he hasn’t eaten yet. No use trying to give your dog something if it’s full already. First you place the food on the bed (a very small piece, you don’t want to fill his stomach). Then you say the command (make sure it’s no more than two syllables long. “Up” would be an easy command.) Then you have to carry him up on the bed. Do this repeatedly about seven times. On the eight time all you do is say “Up” and see what it does (Try not to do this more than ten times). It should be able to tie the reward and the command together. (Sorry about calling your dog “it” but you didn’t specify if it was a he/she). That should work. If it doesn’t work immediately than give a few more days. Don’t overdo the training. Twice a day should be enough until it gets it. If after a week and it still doesn’t get it then I suggest you take it to a pet doctor to have it’s vertigo dealt with. I don’t know if it’s possible for a dog to have a fear of heights. Hope this works for you, so that you can get more undisturbed sleep.

    • bong bong bang
    • December 21, 2012

    maybe your dog has a problem with his back leg, to explain jumping on the sofa it might not be to high

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