Deal Dash and Social Media

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Deal Dash, the the fair & honest bidding site, is now on .

You’re kidding… Tumblr? Yes, Tumblr.

Deal Dash is a site where you buy bids for a certain amount and then bid on items in an format. The items on the are in good quality and you can often get a good deal, but it takes some patience and work to do so. Deal Dash offers a different take on buying gift cards, opening them to online auctions. Deal Dash is the oldest sites on the web. They allow the users to even bid, the bid packages are sold for reduced prices.

Deal Dash promises to be a fair penny auction, that gives its members different ways of winning the stuff they need at discounted prices. Deal Dash is also incredibly well known for its attention to detail when it comes to the customer experience. Deal Dash is a fun and social way to shop. One of the reasons Deal Dash is fun is that they have a Buy-it-Now option.

So, go check out Deal Dash on Tumblr and get in on the fun!

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