Q&A: How can I stop house aggressive dog who is social in public?

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Question by tp: How can I stop house aggressive dog who is in ?
My dog is fearful when people visit the house. Often growling when first meet new guests, then ok, then growling and snipping at guests. The dog is fine meeting new people in public.

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Answer by Rosalie
Crate this dog in a back room of the house, and close the door.
There is no training that is going to make this dog safe for your guests to be near, and you are legally obligated to ensure the safety of any guest in your home.
The dog is clearly fearful, and fearful dogs are the most dangerous. Don’t even try training – there’s too much risk, and the easiest, most comfortable thing for your dog is to just be kept safe in privacy.

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    Size matters…., July 20, 2010
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    • Roger J
    • December 15, 2012

    He (she?) needs socialization. Confining him to a back room will keep your guests safe, and it’s certainly better than your dog and you (and your guests) getting into a bite situation, but I’d rather see you socialize your dog better to be less fearful.

    Rather than have guests come into your dog’s home. Take your dog out to the street or down the block to meet guests. Walk with them and your dog on a leash for a block or so. Make sure the dog is comfortable with them, and then have the guests enter the house ahead of the dog; have then sit down and instruct them not to look the dog in the eye or speak to it. Allow the dog to sniff at them, and have them drop very tasty treats on the floor around them (being careful not to make body movements the dog might interpret as aggression).

    Because there is a danger of biting, I’d recommend a lightweight plastic basket muzzle available from jbpet.com. There is an insert in the end of the muzzle that you will want to remove, and you might want to remove a center “bar” from the end of the muzzle so the dog can pick up and eat the treats even with the muzzle on. This allows the dog to learn that people in the house are okay and to associate them with good things (like chunks of cooked chicken, cheese, hot dog, etc.) while it protects all but the stupidest guest from being bitten. Because you’ve removed one bar from the end of the muzzle, and stupid person could stick a finger in there and get bitten, so I’d avoid having stupid people over as guests while you do this.

    It could take months, or maybe only weeks. Use friends and neighbors that you can trust to stay calm and follow your directions. Try to setup a “visit” at least every few days. More visits are better, but not more than one a day until he becomes more comfortable. Too many visits might overwhelm him and make things worse.

    Many dogs HATE muzzles at first, so to get your dog to love his muzzles (just like he loves his leash) you need him to associate the muzzle with good things. Usually this is done by putting it on as soon as you go about for a walk. That way he thinks of his muzzle just like his leash. At first leave it on only a few minutes of the walk, but increase the length of time until your dog no longer fights it, and in most cases, will actually willingly put his nose in it to prepare for a walk.

    There are several steps to this, and I kind of gave them to you backward, so in order:

    Buy the muzzle and start walking your dog with it so he associates it with fun stuff
    Meet guests off of your property and walk with them (dog muzzled) for a block or so back to the house
    Let the guest go in first and sit down calmly, good treats in hand, not looking at the dog
    With dog muzzled, allow him to sniff guest while guest remains still, not looking at dog, but dropping treats on floor (dog should sniff first, then get treats)
    Only keep person in house a short time– maybe 10 minutes in the beginning. As your dog grows accustomed to guests, they may stay longer
    Eventually… and it might be quite a while, your dog will learn to enjoy guests, and you can decrease the meet & walk period outside, eventually allowing guests to come in while the dog is in the house. This will take time though, and your dog must be comfortable and perfectly fine with the other steps first.

    As a precaution, because you can never know 100% how a dog will behave (or how a person will either, for that matter), I would keep the dog muzzled at all times while guests are over. Even once he’s comfortable and seems fine with everyone, its possible that certain people, sudden movements, odors, the mood of the dog (or person), tension, etc. could cause the dog to revert to his old aggressive/fearful behavior and bite.

    I have had two very aggressive dogs, 2 fear-biters, and one extremely dangerous dog so far in my life (rescues). The dangerous one had to be muzzled around people and other dogs most of the time, but she lived a long, happy, social, and productive life. Without the muzzle, she couldn’t have accompanied me everywhere, made friends, played, hiked, or walked around in pet shops and pet expos. Don’t fear the muzzle. The right kind of muzzle (lightweight, plastic, basket type that the dog can pant, drink, and even eat through) isn’t cruel. It gives a sketchy or dangerous dog the freedom to be a dog– which beats the hell out of being kept in solitary confinement.

    Good luck to you and your dog.

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