Providing The Best Diet Possible For Your Dog

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by Jolie Mitchel

These days, many of us realize that we should be eating a more healthy diet, and those of us who have pets, also wonder how we can do the same thing for our best friend. A good start is to provide a natural, organic food for your . Have you even taken the time to compare dog foods? How does the food that you feed to your dog stack up?

What does your dog need to be healthy? Not surprisingly, many of the foods that are good for people are good for , as well. We need lots of lean, healthy protein, the kind found in lean beef, chicken, and organ meats. So do our dogs. We need lots of vitamins, particularly E and C and lots of antioxidents to bond with the free radicals in our systems that can cause cancer. Guess what? The Western Veterinary Conference stated at its meeting in 1994 that our need the same thing.

Our diets often rely heavily on unhealthy processed foods, that are preserved with dangerous chemicals, and many dog foods also contain the same problem ingredients. You can avoid this by purchasing all natural, organic foods for your dog. You should be sure to always check the label on the bag of that you intend to purchase and evaluate it. You want your dog to eat a healthy, balanced diet, but you will realize after comparing several brands of commercial dog foods, that it can be extremely challenging to find just what you are looking for in a bag.

The best way to remedy this situation is to feed your dog the same healthy foods that you eat. The best way to do this is to fix up one additional serving when you cook healthy meals for your family, and then serve that up to your dog. If you have a dog that isnAaat interested in eating vegetables, you can put these healthy foods that he doesnAaat find appealing in the blender and mix them up with healthy, meaty foods, like a meat loaf, before cooking just like you might when trying to trick a child into eating his vegetables. You dog can easily be tricked this way, into eating a healthy meal.

If you are concerned about ensuring your dog gets all its dietary needs met, use this simple rule of thumb. Two thirds of the meal should be protein (chicken, lean beef, etc.). The other third should be about half vegetables and half starches, such as rice or pasta.

You may be wondering how much you should feed your dog of this new, healthy diet. It is simple feed your dog the same amount of food that you always have and monitor his weight for the next few weeks. If you dog seems like he is still really hungry after he eats, you can offer him a little more food. ItAaas perfectly normal for your dog, just like with people, to lose a little weight when starting on a healthy diet plan; however, you do not want your dog to lose too much or drop those pounds too quickly. You can easily adjust the amount of food that you are feeding him to keep him at his ideal weight and body condition.

With all of the horrible news about dog food in the last few years and the terrible tragedies that have befallen many owners and their best friends, there is no better time to consider a switch in diet for your pet.

As a member of your family, your dog deserves to be loved and cared for and kept healthy. We have begun to realize that our pet’s diet often is as unhealthy as our own diets have become. So I ask you once again to think of a healthy diet for your pet and then ask, \”How does your dog food brand compare?\

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