Dogs and The Holidays

Molly the Dachshund Loves her Dog BedLooking for the perfect holiday gift for your pooch? How about one of the many Dog Beds available? A bed can offer both both you and your best friend comfort, warmth, and security. Not only that, but it is the best way to make sure your dog gets the proper rest it deserves after energy depleting .

One important benefit of a dog bed is the security it can provide for your dog. Some suffer from and stress, especially when their people are away for extended periods. Having a special place that your dog can go to when feeling anxious or perhaps when they just want some “alone time” can benefit your ’ emotional well being.

When you get your dog’s new bed, observe where he or she prefers to lie. Most have a special area that they favor more than others. This is where you need to put the dog bed. This will be “their spot”.

So, what size dog bed is right for your dog? A good rule of thumb is to measure your dog from head to toe when it’s in its natural sleeping position. Add about 5 inches to that measurement and you will be very close to the size you need. Alternatively, you can try measuring with your dog standing. This will give you a slightly longer measurement but will give you a rough idea what size you are looking for.

Now that we’ve covered the perfect gift for you to give your dog, what about the perfect gift for you?

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During the holidays things can get pretty hectic around the house, and quite often this will increase a dog’s . are creatures of habit, and with all the decorating, visitors, holiday food and, packages, and what-not; your dog may suddenly “forget” his or her manners. Nor something we want happening – especially when guests drop by.

One solution to this is for you to install one of the Dog Gates on the market. Not only does it keep your dog out of the way during the maelstrom of holiday chaos, but it can also protect your from unwanted attention from well-meaning children and adults alike. On top of all that, it provides you with the peace of mind gained by not having to constantly check if your pooch out of the way.

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  1. I bought my dog a dog bed, but most of the time he likes to hang out on my bed rather than his own. Go figure. I just put him back in his bed and he stays there to sleep. Thanks for the tips. I think I got him the right size dog bed.

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