Q&A: What kind of ear sollutions should you use to clean your dogs ears?

Q&A: What kind of ear sollutions should you use to clean your dogs ears?

Question by Rosemary: What of you use to your ?
I would like to clean the inside of my and I know there are ear sollutions out there but what kind of ear sollution is the best to use ?

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Answer by ladystang
depends on what yu are doing it for
talk to your vet or a groomer

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    • Love my Saint Bernard
    • December 3, 2012

    I use Blue Ear Powder cleaner. And it works great! It’s a home remedy and a lot of breeders swear by it. When my dog started having ear infections I took her to the vet, spent over $ 200 and what they gave me was not working at all. I asked other breeders what they used to clean ears and told me about the blue solution. Her ear infection went away in a week and I never had any problems after that. Here is what you need:

    16 Oz. bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (standard 70%)
    4 Tablespoons of Boric Acid Powder
    16 Drops of Gentian Violet Solution 1%
    Mix together in a bottle and shake well.

    Here is a website with further instruction on how to use this:

    You may need to scroll down a bit on the PDF, it is very detailed.
    I swear by this method of ear cleaning. NOTHING works better!

    • Cookie The First One
    • December 3, 2012

    Here is a video showing you how to clean your dogs ears safely as well as a homemade ear cleaning solution;

    • ~PapSett~
    • December 3, 2012

    I get Oticlens from my vet. It’s a clear solution you put in the ear, smoosh it around and then wipe out with tissue. Do it outside if possible because the dog WILL shake its head and the stuff will go everywhere!

    DO NOT use Q Tips or the like in the ear, if they jerk suddenly you could rupture the eardrum.

    • Coven Craft Gardens
    • December 3, 2012

    You should really talk to your vet. Better yet, make an appointment for them to show you how to properly clean a dogs ear and ask their opinions on different types of cleaner and what they think would be best for your dog.

    • shelley
    • December 3, 2012

    What’s an ear sollution? Sorry I can’t understand the word. But if you’re cleaning your dog’s ear, use cotton buds.

    • packin1
    • December 3, 2012

    you should let your vet clean your dogs ears

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