Q&A: How do I kill moths living outside my house?

Question by Badriya: How do I my ?
Moths are one of my most feared creatures in the universe. (I'll wait while you all stop laughing…) Okay…a week or so ago the HUGEST moth I have ever seen got in my mudroom when I was letting the in. I mean he was so big he had shoulders. Anyway, after several attempts (and fake-outs by Mothra) I finally killed it. Today…after cleaning my car out this weekend – my first mistake – I had 7…yes SEVEN moths ambush me in my car throughout the day. Clearly it was the Moth Mafia (the Mothia, if you will) after me for killing their boss. So at the end of my work day, I pulled the moth-mobile into the moth-cave and began to mow the lawn. OMG. They were EVERYWHERE! Every bush and plant I mowed next to at least 10-15 moths would fly out. Even when I mowed next to my deck. What the heck is going on?! It was surreal. At one point, I forgot my fear and started laughing. Sooo…clearly, they all must die. What's the best method – without killing my current plants?

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Answer by sptfyr
I can't imagine how you could fear an insect that has neither fangs or a stinger especially since some moths are down right beautiful. However, since you are phobic maybe you can use a bug to solve your problem.

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    • floppan77
    • December 3, 2012

    Ouch that sounded quite painful :S

    • SteveyKoz
    • December 3, 2012

    thats not normal :S

    • Mufej
    • December 3, 2012


    • TheTalkingTablet
    • December 3, 2012

    IT hurts when i pee

    • Aileen C
    • December 3, 2012

    Sounds like all those catapillars that you had munching away at your garden have all turned into moths! Yup – those cute, sometimes fuzzy and colorful creatures are the source of your moth problem. You’ve got to rid your yard of them early in the season.

    You can’t get rid of them in the garden, but you can help keep them outside and away from your home by replacing all ourdoor lights with bug lights (the yellow ones) which don’t attract them as much as bright white bulbs do.

    A big moth on a dark night is mighty scary – I hear ya on that one my friend! I “faced” one in upstate NY on a camping trip that scared the begeebies out of me when I was trying to make my way out to the outhouse well after dark. I swear the thing had fangs and claws (it didn’t but still…)

    You aren’t alone in not liking those big ole bugs!

    • WhyDoTheyDoThisToMe
    • December 3, 2012

    You can spray (however, sprays can kill indiscriminately), you might be able to find an “organic” or “natural” spray not quite so toxic; you can get a zapper for night time when they’re most active; invite some spider buddies over for a good meal or try to ID them and see if you can find some predatory insects to eat them.

    Oh- use cedar products whenever possible (furniture, decking and mulch…etc.) as that’s a natural deterrent.

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