Q&A: Is there a way to keep athletic dogs safer?

Question by Baa_Baa_Blacksheep: Is there a way to keep safer?
I was just sitting around comparing two common athletic pets (horses and dogs) and was kinda wondering if there were more steps to keep dogs safe. I know there are booties for sled dogs but is that it? I hear dogs get injured quite a bit (sprains and such) in sports lure coursing and agility. Horses have these sort of leg wrap things to help prevent them from sprains and stuff. Do they have these for dogs? What about cooling jackets?

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Answer by Amie B
We run one of our dogs, and I have never seen ANY dog wraped. We do however use cooling jackets, cooling neck ties, cooling blankets. Special crate air conditioners, pad lotion (to keep from cracking) and alot of other things.

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    • musherbaby
    • December 1, 2012

    no there are lots of things, not even material thing simply keeping the dog healthy and not taking stupid chances with them saves a lot of injury. if a dog had an injury or bad joints or is simply getting older it probably is a good idea not to run them or whatever sport you are doing.

    there are wraps for dogs like leg wraps but usually they are for after an injury, im sure you could wrap wrists but whats the point its probably just uncomfortable for the dogs.

    i know they have cooling jackets for dogs but i wouldnt waste my money on them personally, first of, dogs did just fine for years with no personal cooling system, dogs have been capable of cooling them selves down on their own they have special features that allow them to do so, second why spend money on something you have in your backyard, if you have a hose you have a cooling system, hose off the dogs it gets them cool, and provide shade, third, i have sled dogs sooooooo i have absolutely no reason to use a cooling jacket, maybe a doggy jacket depending on the weather but otherwise no.

    there really are a lot of things that i as a musher do to make sure we dont have injury problems, i feed them a good food, they are a healthy weight good feet, good joints happy, allow plenty of rest time after running, always provide water and makes sure they are well hydrated, simple things like that are just as easy

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