Q&A: how much money would you spend on a dog bed?

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Question by Heather: how money would you on a ?
how much would the average person buy a dog bed for?
and if I wanted something unique and different whats the most I should spend?

Best answer:

Answer by happy dude
$ 50 if it,s a good one.

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Brinkmann Pet 36-Inch by 45-Inch Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed, Green

Brinkmann Pet 36-Inch by 45-Inch Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed, Green

  • 36-Inch by 45-Inch Premium Orthopedic Bed – Green
  • Inside is 2 3/4-Inch Convoluted for superior support
  • Easy to care for – Cover is machine washable

This 36-Inch by 45-Inch Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed features a 2 3/4-Inch convoluted foam pad designed for pets with joint problems. The cover consists of a warm plush sleep area with a quality printed fabric bottom. This bed is easy to care for with a removable cover that is machine washable and dryer safe.

List Price: $ 28.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B005VYUNIE”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B005VYUNIE”]

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  1. I got my dog, Caspian, this one this past week, for (less than) $25:


    He loved this one more than any other bed we've gotten him!

    • Deb
    • November 27, 2012

    I make my own using the foam mattress pads, the egg crate type, & fleece fabric. Cut the size your dog needs doubling the foam (I get twin size at Walmart for $ 14.00 & I can make 2 large beds with it) them get enough fleece material to allow 3 extra inches around the edge (about 2 yards). The fleece can be anywhere from $ 3.99 per yard up to $ 12.99 per yard. Cut 2 ” strips with pinking shears on all size removing the corner & tie in knots all the way around. If it’s a small dog (like a poodle, yorkie, pom etc) you can use a bed pillow & 1 yard of fleece. I found this on HGTV & have made about 3 dozen of them for all my friend’s dogs (& cats) for Christmas & so far they all love them. No sewing, fraying, you can get the fabric that works best for the room you’ll have them in & they can be tossed in the washer & dryer.
    If you’d rather buy one, I’ve gotten several from PetEdge.com.
    My dogs prefer the ones that are like beanbags (the oldest bed is about 20 yrs old & has been washed several times). Both of these types of beds seem to be comfortable for all sizes & even the older ones with joint problems.

    • sandy
    • November 27, 2012

    i got my dogs extra large beds from walmart for christmas they were $ 40.00 a piece there not that fluffy my dogs flattened them out but they do love them

    • Isa
    • November 27, 2012

    this is not something anyone but you can decide on- the avg is around $ 40, but each individual person must make their own call- use your judgement- if you like a bed but it looks poorly made and is expensive, stay away-but, if it costs lots, you love it, and it looks sturdy, then go for it- i spent hundreds on my girl and almost $ 500 in memories when i lost my 7 1/2 yr old rabbit, and most people still say im crazy for it, but i loved her so much that money held no meaning when it came to her.. so, this is entirely on you, but trust your heart and gut so you dont get ripped off.. or make your own, very unique, very special dog bed…

    • Sara
    • November 27, 2012

    Well whatever it is don’t let him sleep in your bed. Lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas.

    • Perfect Enemy
    • November 27, 2012

    I (emphasis on I) would spend at the most $ 20 on one. My girlfriend, however spent $ 70 on one. It’s a nice little bed, but not worth $ 70 in my opinion.

    • dragonfaeriegodess04
    • November 27, 2012

    Depends on the quality and the size of the dog. I wouldn’t spend too much money unless the bed was for health reasons, then I’d get what was best for the animal and not worry about the price

    • DP
    • November 27, 2012

    $ 40, cheap cause I let my dogs sleep in bed with me..
    They go into their crate if I have to go out, so a dog bed wouldn’t get much use here.

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