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So, you'd like to be a writer. You might be able to find just the right place to start at onlinejobsfor.me. Here's some ideas to check out…

1 Technical

Technical writers turn complicated information into easy to read and understand content. They are the folks who write hardware and software manuals, online help documents, product descriptions, operator manuals, technical reference manuals, assembly manuals, maintenance manuals, user guides, programmer references, administrator guides, and installation guides.

You need skill, expertise, and experience to become a .  But the payoff can be well worth it if you writing such materials.


Copywriters write ads, pamphlets, and other materials that market a product or service. Their words must sell whatever a provides for its customers, and must persuade them to take the next step to find out more, or even open their wallets.

Copywriters provide ad copy, reports, brochures, proposals, catalog copy, direct mail, media kits, news releases, speeches, web pages, and newsletters.

If you can write powerful and persuasive copy, then this could be the perfect job for you. To start you need to create a portfolio with samples of your work, even if it fake. Companies want to see if your copy will persuade customers. Creating some sample brochures and such can get your foot in the door.

3 Grant writing

Grant writers write copy that helps organizations get funding for their various needs. If  you like to write and enjoy helping others, grant writing may interest you. They locate appropriate grants for for nonprofit organizations, schools and foundations, and write persuasive proposals to get funding.

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