I like: Walk Through 3 Panel Wood Dog Gate

Walk Through 3 Panel Wood Dog Gate

3 . This 32 in. high 3- indoor pet gate is manufactured with a - door constructed of strong welded steel with a handsome black, finish. Designed to easily confine pets, yet provide a convenient walk-through door for easy passage from one area to another. To pass through the gate, simply grasp the door with one hand, lift it slightly and then swing it freely in either direction. The door closes securely (held tightly at the top and bottom) with a hidden tension spring to prevent curious pets from nudging the door open themselves. Pet gate folds flat for easy and convenient storage or transportation. Available in cherry, mahogany or black. Sizing: Gate weighs 30 lbs. 32 in. H x 6 ft. W Each panel is 2 ft. W Shipping Note: Due to weight, gates may be subject to an additional shipping charge calculated during checkout.
List Price: $ 275.00
Price: $ 275.00

Question by carmen1509s: How can I stop my dog from chewing stuff that isn't his?!?
I got another dog for my bordercollie to play with. He's a Kuvasz x Rottweiler and he was wonderful the first week. But then he started to chew everything from babyshoes to sky remote controls. I bought him bones and toys to chew on, but my daughters toys are much better. he last thing he chewed was my cousins 24 dvd pack! My husband is getting to the point of wanting to rehome him. I sometimes think I do too, but apart from the chewing he's the best dog in the world. Need some good ideas.
Already tried vinegar, spicy stuff, lemon juice, dog gates and closing doors (he can open every door!).
he has his own chewy toys! He only chews when we're in bed or outside.
Can't tie him to me. I have a baby!
i said before, he only chews when we're not around or I would say no. but i never catch him! my house is baby safe. I put my daughters toys away at night, but dog can open the toy boxes!
He chewed a cardboard box before. doesn't take long. about 5 minutes of fun for him and 1 hour fun for me trying to find every piece before i can let my daughter crawl around.

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Answer by Lucky Chuck
Electric Shock Collar with a remote, you can find them on ebay. I have a weimaraner and it has worked wonders. After the first month i never had to use it again, he learned quickly.

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    • Daaling!
    • November 22, 2012

    Bitter Apple spray from Petco. works GREAT! my dach is a chewing maniac. spray it on anything you don’t want chewed, and they will NOT chew it. as far as i know, it has never discolored any of my fabric.

    • Insensitively Honest
    • November 22, 2012

    I have a Pitt , and dogs with strong jaws will destroy many so called chew toys ..most chew toys in pet stores are not made or designed for strong jawed dogs like rotts , and pitts , my pitt has chewed up my shoes , bed comforters , and everything else in her path of chewing destruction ….a web site on pitts recommended “bully sticks ” ( Bull Penis ) as the only effective thing you can buy in a store that will last any amount of time with a power jaw dog ….I paid 25 dollars for one , it lasted that sh*t about two hours …I gave her a small inflatable go kart tire for now ……by the way basketballs , soccer balls , will go flat in a day ..just keep trying , because the little angels they are will keep chewing , and if you can not find them anything to chew on , do not worry , they will ….

    And with the powerful jaws these little darlins have they did not recommned raw hide bones , because with the strength these dogs have they tend to bite off large chunks and swallow them which creates an obstruction , and that brings on the wonderful vet bills ….

    • yuna
    • November 22, 2012

    keep him outdoor.

    • A little Southern Comfort
    • November 22, 2012

    First thing you have to do is put everything up, you think he can reach. Never let him out of your sight. Your gonna have to put him on a leash while he is in the house with you and tie it to your belt loop on your jeans. That way you can watch his every move. Whenever he picks up something you dont want him to do, I clap real loud and say “Leave it!!” real firm! Theng ive him something asap for him to chew on. In the mean time, leave traps for him. Put like an old shoe and old stuff that if he did chew on it would be ok and spray it with “Bitter Apple”. So when he goes it pick it up, you will see it and say “Leave it” and clap your hands loudly once. He will also taste the bitter apple and it will totally gross him out. Then give him something you want him to chew on.

    Its very hard and a real pain in the azz. I did this for a weekend and it practically broke my beagle at 6 months old.
    So tie your dog on his lease to y our belt loop. Spray traps with bitter apple, pick up everything you think he can get and get his toys ready to give to him. Just take this weekend to really keep an eye on him.

    My beagle is almost five and till this day I ahev to keep an eye on her. She can not go upstairs by her self becaus ehse is up to no good.

    Good Luck!!!!

    • silver01222000
    • November 22, 2012

    Chew toys helped me i do have a much smaller dog . I also use a water and amonia spray and i hit his fav things to chew with it Good luck hope this helps

    • xapao
    • November 22, 2012

    buy him his own chewing stuff…i gave my daschund his own squeky meat toy, he never chew my shoes from then on

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