I like: Dark Brown Faux Fur Trundle Dog Bed

Dark Brown Faux Fur Trundle Dog Bed

I like: Dark Brown Faux Fur Trundle Dog Bed
Fur Dog Bed. Our cozy 3-In-1 Bed is created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. Depending on pet’s mood, this bed can easily become a teacup bed, a sleeping bag or an oval mat. Easy to care for and convenient for travel, this snuggly bed is sure to comfort your pup and keep them warm all night long! Sizing: Flat: 46 in. L x 21 in. W Teacup: 20 in. L x 21 in. W Suitable dogs weighing 15 lbs. or less
List Price: $ 69.00
Price: $ 69.00

Question by zappata1234: How can I get my 3 yr old dog to stop peeing on the dog beds we buy him?
My dog always urinates on his dog beds. He will not pee on the floor if we take the bed away. He is almost 3 yrs old and never pees anywhere except for his bed. Any ideas on how to break this habit?
At night we put him in another room and he will pee on real dog beds or blankets we put on the ground.

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Answer by Jacques LeStrapp
What do you care? Let it pee on the bed … it’s a friggin stupid dog, why do you care if it sleeps in its own filth? It eats poop too you know.

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    • skittles999
    • November 13, 2012

    Does he actually SLEEP in this bed? He may be trying to tell you HE HATES THE DAMN BED AND REFUSES to be treated like an animal by having a doggie bed! I bought my dogs a bed and NOPE they sleep with us! New beds went to Humane Spciety!!!! They have a spray you can try spraying on the bed that keeps some dogs from tinkling there- but doesnt always work. Try just removing the bed and laying him a fluffy soft blanket in its place and see how he likes thast!

    • raiderette585
    • November 13, 2012

    Has the dog bed been slept on by other dogs? If so, get a new one

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