Q&A: What can I use to clean my dogs ears?

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Question by betsey: What can I use to clean my dogs ?
Is it necessary to buy from the store to clean a ? My dog needs this done and just wondering what other’s use. Thanks!


Answer by Geobomb

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How to Clean Your Dog's Ears - Severn River Animal Hospital

www.SevernRiverAH.com Tips and Tricks on ears for dogs by our veterinary technicians. Step 1: Gather materials for cleaning. You will need an recommended by your veterinarian, (We use Malacetic Otic Cleanser) cotton or gauze, gloves, and towel for the floor or table. Step 2: Soak your cotton or gauze with your pet safe and test a small area on your pet’s ear in case of an allergic reaction. Step 3: Once confirmed it is safe to use, lift the ear flap to expose the and place your cotton/gauze around your index finger and go deep down into the canal. Step 4:Squeeze around the base of the ear canal with your other hand to create a swooshing sound to break up debris deep in the ear canal. Step 5: Remove your finger from the ear canal while gliding your finger against the walls of the ear canal to remove debris. Step 6: Repeat as needed until your cotton/gauze is free of debris. Step 7: Use dry cotton/gauze to clean out any left over ear . Step 8: Allow your pet to shake their head to further remove any left over ear cleaner in the ear canal. Cease ear cleaning if your pet’s ears appear red, inflamed, irritated, or painful. Call your veterinarian to schedule an otic examination in case there is an infection that needs treatment.

Virbac Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner, 4-Ounce

Virbac Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner, 4-Ounce

  • Epi-Otic may be used for routine ear cleansing in healthy ear canal or prior to administration of other ear preparations
  • A mild alcohol-free cleansing and drying for routine maintenance of otitis externa
  • Epi-Otic has a low pH of 2.2 and contains no chlorhexidine or alcohol

Otic cleanser ear solution for dogs and cats of any age.

List Price: $ 9.99

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Q&A: What is the best ear cleaning drops that you can buy at petco or petsmart?

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What type of inexpensive ear cleaner for dogs?

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Question by Baseballer04: What type of inexpensive

Q&A: What kind of ear sollutions should you use to clean your dogs ears?

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    • stephanie k
    • November 9, 2012

    dog soup and water

    • emi k
    • November 9, 2012

    cotton pieces with some water

    • oakkat
    • November 9, 2012

    Q-tips and baby oil.

    • ◄ The Wižard ►
    • November 9, 2012

    A few drops of mineral oil works great. It also works good for humans too. Its safer than using Q-tips.

    • chickipoo_54
    • November 9, 2012


    • KATT
    • November 9, 2012

    when you bath it use the shower

    • Wild_Fury1
    • November 9, 2012

    I use rubbing alcohol, That dries out the ear. But mine are really prone to ear infection you can also use, which might be better in your cercomstace, white vinegar and water in equal parts. It works well.

    • Ali
    • November 9, 2012

    cotton swabs w/ a little bit of water

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