Q&A: What can i use to walk my pig Guido with?

Question by Kat: What can i use to my pig with?
Hes almost a year old Yorkshire pig (he is my baby) but anyway he out grew his ex large and i cant find anything bigger and he hates collors. Any suggestions, and he hates staying in his pen. He ways almost 100lbs.

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Answer by Wolf_Grrl
O my you have a York Pig, that is so awsome!! You probably are going to have to make a harness for him, if you go to a do-it-yourself stores or they sell those thick ropes they use for horses lead lines (cut to your specific length) then you can custom size it for Guido’s girth. The best way would probably make it to for like a figure 8 harness, and where the harness crosses over (the center of the 8) is where you can hook the lead to. Just an idea, Good Luck!

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Q&A: What can i use to walk my pig Guido with?

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