Q&A: What are good dog names for this dog?

Question by Player 97: What are good for dog?
So my aunt and uncle are getting a dog not this Saturday but next. It is a very well behaved female dog that the women described her as a lover not a fighter. They went and meant her at the local humane society and love her. My aunt keeps asking me for cute female names. The dog is big. I it's like a Beagle mix.

I'm just her names she is picking the one that is most suitable for the dog.

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Answer by Heyyyyyyyy

Hope this helps 😀

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    • Kellie
    • October 24, 2012

    Some names for the dog you described would be:
    Shelia, Willie ,Poppy, Amy, Jamie, Ashley, Dalia, Deedee, Haylee, Bea and Rosie.

    Dog names have to be kind of bright and attractive to dogs. When dogs are first named, it is good to use a name that sort of, ‘pops’ and is easy to reconize when they get older and perhaps can’t hear as well. Like my dogs’ names are Poppy and Tank.
    Hope you like them!

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