Q&A: What are some fun dog games to play with dogs?

Q&A: What are some fun dog games to play with dogs?

Question by crzyluve: What are fun dog to with ?
I am a maneger for Smooch the Pooch Doggy Daycare, and I think the dogs get bored just playing ball. So I need some good ideas with what I can do with the dogs that will keep them entertainted!

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Answer by Canis
A baby pool, kong toys, spring pole for the bull breeds, flyball launcher, soda bottles with treats, interactive toys, tug ropes, sandbox for digging, hurdles for jumping and some agility tunnels.

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    • zinger
    • October 18, 2012

    msucial sit down… (you need a couple of workers for that)

    my personal favorite hide and go seek.

    there is tug of war, frisbee, a HUGE ball for batting around (think yoga ball) obstacle course

    here is a link or three… i think I’m going to make a blog on this one so let me know how they go at your daycare!!!


    • jtexas
    • October 18, 2012

    “flashlight dog” wherein the dog tries to catch a flashlight beam.

    young dogs love to be chased.

    My nephew’s catahoula hound loves to play Guitar Hero 2.

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