Photo: Front drive up to Trackson’s property, Sedgley Grange in Newmarket, ca. 1902

up to , in , ca. 1902
dog supplies
Image by State Library of Queensland, Australia
Photographer: Unidentified

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Description: Avenue of pine trees bordering the drive up to Grange. Mr and Mrs Trackson in the dogcart and daughter, Win on horseback. The boys, Frank and Charley are using their wagon. (Description supplied with photograph.)

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Question by brittanyloveschris: What dog supplies do we need?
My friend is starting a dog kennel and she is wondering what she needs as far as supplies for the dogs. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by schnauzer
The list is endless and unles you have a lot of money do not contemplate it.
Visit some establishments and ask their advice as to what you need most are very helpful

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    • Tria
    • October 9, 2012

    I’m going to go with the assumption that your friend has experience in dealing with dogs if she’s starting a kennel.
    Basics you’re looking at:
    Food/water dishes
    high quality kibble
    kennel brush
    lots of well made fence
    ID tags
    lots of cleaning supplies
    training time
    24 hour vet access
    emergency vet money
    vaccinations/heartguard/flea preventative
    I am also going to hope your friend isn’t looking into breeding if they aren’t aware of everything involved. It’s a bit more involved than just getting a couple dogs together.

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