I like: Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills

Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills

Pick Up Bag . Let your pet do their business while keeping the neighborhood a cleaner environment with our Eco Friendly Pick Up Bags. bags are made from Biobase, a plastic alternative made from cornstarch resin, for a sustainable, recycleable and renewable pick up bag. Don’t forget the coordinating ! Colors are assorted, so please let us choose for you. Sizing: 4 rolls/pack Each roll contains 12 bags (48 bags total)
List Price: $ 8.75
Price: $ 8.75

Hikers with dogs express their opinions on the ticketing of dog bags.

Question by : What will people use to scoop dog poop once are banned in the US?

Best answer:

Answer by popsicle.
they most likely won’t be banned.
& hahahaha, interesting. maybe
papertowels, OR their hands? haha

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Q&A: Can you mix dried dog poop in with yard waste collected in the compostable big paper bags?

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    • Eat Cheetos Nekkid!
    • September 24, 2012

    if/when that day comes.. probably there will be some type of bag that decomposes easily.

    I have heard that plastic shopping bags were banned somewhere out in CA, and people were encouraged to use reuseable cloth bags instead… its a long way off before plastic bags are banned across the US tho.

    • madamesophia1969
    • September 24, 2012

    pooper scooper and paper bags — why are the plastic ones going to be banned

    • ladystang
    • September 24, 2012


    • Ocimom
    • September 24, 2012

    Well if they do (which they won’t) I suppose I’ll have to be using paper bags (like for sandwiches) for putting in the poop when we take the dog for a walk.

    • Packaging Peanuts
    • September 24, 2012

    There will probably be new technological developments by that time for that purpose.

    • dragonheart19891
    • September 24, 2012

    pick dog poopie up or get ticketed…

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