Article: Which is the Best Dog Harness for your Dog

by Steve Sherrington

There are schools of thought both professionally with vets and privately with owners suggesting a is better for your both physically and mentally. So which is the best for your dog?

Does your dog pull constantly when walking? If so this can be quite traumatic both for you and your dog, but what can compound that is a poor fitting collar, that can become loose or even pull over your dogs head. it can also cut into your dogs skin if it is too tight or made a cheap man made fibre or hard . This is where a good can be the answer.

Although most dogs have strong neck muscles and can quickly adjust themselves if they feel they are being choked, a collar can still cause damage to your dogs neck if not used properly. Simple constant pulling can put pressure on the wind pipe and neck muscles and this pulling can sometimes be a defensive mechanism against the collar, so you could be going around in circles trying to pull your dog back if he/she is pulling to get away from the restricted feeling of a collar

We have to be aware that we do not replace one problem for another, as there can also be problems with an ill fitting or cheaply made harness, as again it can cut into your dogs skin or become uncomfortable to wear causing stress to you and your dog.

The best dog harness for one dog may not necessarily be the best for the next one as we have to take into account the dogs size, weight, and girth around it's neck and torso. What is common to all harnesses is to ensure that it is made from good quality material, as some are made from cheap leather or even rope. Flexible but strong webbing will allow expansion, allowing ease of movement and does not hinder the rib area, enabling unhindered breathing.

Try to find one that has some sort of padding or expansion on the front strap that runs under the dogs chest area as this is where the most pressure is caused when your dog pulls.

Due to the rise in popularity of the dog harness, it has enabled manufacturers to experiment with different material and designs. The most popular, and one of the most effective improvements is the use of fleece or padding within the harness to reduce friction caused by the straps. It basically takes a standard harness and lines all the straps with padding.

It is always a good idea to ensure all connections and buckles are padded and not exposed directly to the dogs skin. Some cheaper harnesses fasten under the chest area, try to avoid these types as this is the obvious area where the most stress is going to be placed on the dog. Choose a harness that fastens at the side of the dog.

The beauty of a harness is that it can grow with your dog, due to the design and fixing buckles it can last a very long time. The original fit doesn't have to be as precise as with a collar as there is no danger in the harness pulling off. Do not use a harness that is too small and if your harness is slightly too big ensure the straps a are tied comfortably.

There are some who like to use a collar instead of a harness for purely cosmetic reasons, as they think a harness can look bulky and ugly, I know this should not be a valid reason on deciding which is best for your dog but using a harness doesn't have to be a fashion nightmare as they come in all sorts of up to date designs and colours.

So here we are with the answer to which is the best dog harness.

Simply, one that fits well, preferably has wide padded or fleece lined straps and is not made from cheap, sharp materials, fastens at the side of the dog rather than under it's chest area. There are many that fit this criteria and are available from the high street pet shop chains, but can also be bought from smaller independent retailers.

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My name is Steve and I have owned and trained dogs all my life. I have spent a lot of time testing a vast array of dog harnesses. If you would like more information please visit

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My name is Steve and I have owned and trained dogs all my life. I have spent a lot of time testing a vast array of dog harnesses. If you would like more information please visit

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whereby the original author's information and copyright must be included. Paws Pet Store has all you need to have for your own pets like puppy costumes and cheap dog clothes. puppy costumes cheap dog clothes small dog harness fancy puppy costumes looking for puppy costumes cheap puppy costumes puppy costumes choices looking for cheap dog clothes…

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