Article: Dog Poop Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Article: Dog Poop Bags - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

There are over 77.5 million dogs in the United States that are owned by someone, which is about 40% of the households. Of those dogs, they at least twice a day – more if they are active. That is a LOT of poop to clean up, at least if you are one of the responsible owners who do so.

As dogs are exercised, they poop even more – especially if they can reach the neighbor’s yard or strange surroundings. Thank goodness, dog poop and pooper-scoopers were finally invented. The problem with pooper-scoopers is they still have to be dumped into the bags, so we have not gained much there, have we?

Dog poop bags have developed into quite an industry anymore, ranging from flushable to earth friendly biodegradable dog bags. These are different from the plastic Wal-Mart bags many of us use to follow our dogs around with our hand stuck inside the bag…waiting for the moment to happen.

The good poop bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable biopolymer, not taking hundreds of years to photo degrade but ten to 45 days total. The Norway product BioBag Dog Waste Bags are created from cornstarch, vegetable oil, and renewable sources to with Mother Earth. They are plastic, but a special plastic that decomposes naturally-which allows the bags to be collected with other yard waste or it can be buried for the consumption of microorganisms.

Dog Poop Bags

Poop bags also can come on a huge roll, the oxo-biodegradable bags for the removal of dog waste. An eco-friendly product, they are affordable and strong while made to fit into dog poop dispensers. They come in individual bags, garbage bags, 10 and 30 count cases, and single dispenser bags.

Dog poop bag holders or waste trash receptacles usually come with an attached lid to prevent rain and snow from entering. There are different types of receptacles, but some are designed to attach to a standard signpost. The mounting hardware comes with the container. Bags are made to fit inside the container, for parks or large kennels. The single bags are perfect for the owner who has only one or two dogs.

Either way, being responsible for your dog’s poop may bring you the name “the Poop Fairy.”

The disposable flushable bags have gained the attention in the animal world. It is considered the most bio-friendly product developed so far. Still the first flushable dog poop bag, they dissolve easily in the toilet and are the best alternative to plastic or bio bags.

The reason this was invented was that many dog owners do not feel that biodegradable bags degrade very quickly, with many brands still not meeting code for their state’s biodegradable products.

Dog waste is toxic to water (rivers, groundwater, and lakes) and once the trash filled with dog feces is emptied in the landfill, it enters the ground. The flushable dog poop bags for sale are created from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that has the ideal qualities to promote a positive environmental agenda.

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Eco Friendly Dog Pick Up Bag Dispenser

Article: Dog Poop Bags - What You Must Know Before Buying Them
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