Doesn’t Your Dog Deserve The Best Dog Food?

by Jolie Mitchel

If you are willing to spend the extra money, high quality food has many benefits for the health and well being of your furry friend. Including the way they look and feel. You will notice these benefits almost immediately.

Regardless of cost, you should strive to your animal as well as you do yourself if not better. The less expensive brands are exactly that: cheap in price as well as quality. Many veternarians have likened some of these dog foods to pouring gravy over cardboard and serving it up to our much loved friends. It will fill the space in their stomachs but it won't give them the nutrients they need to thrive. You'll find that once your pet adapts to the higher levels of nutrients and good calories they tend to eat less of the higher quality dog food than they did with the lesser versions.

The long and short term benefits of this upgrade are innumerable. Higher quality foods, including home made dog food recipes which are abundant and easy to find online if you search for \”home made dog food\”, provide your animal with a shinier coat, clear eyes, normal bowel movements and a generally happier disposition.

Be aware that some are highly allergic to some of the ingredients that are found in some of these low quality dog foods. With the better quality dog food, you may find that your dog doesn't \”itch\” as much, and you will find a lot less hair all over your house. Also, if your dog has \”ear problems\” (such as yeast build up), as many dogs tend to have, you will notice this problem improve immensely. Once they start ingesting all of the nutrients they need to improve their life, their bodies will heal a lot quicker after any accidents, or surgical procedures.

learn best when their needs are met. So if you've been relying on low quality food and haven't had much luck with training, changing to a higher quality might be part of the answer. No one feels like producing good work when they're hungry or living on a of garbage. Same holds true with our furry friends.

I am the proud owner of a Saint Bernard. I adopted him after a semi truck had struck him, and he walked away with minor scratches. After they put some stitches on him his owner decided to dump him at the nearest shelter since he was not considered a \” quality\” dog any more. When we bought him home we kept him on the same food the shelter had him on. He had a few bare spots on his legs and back area from a rash he acquired at the kennel. So I decided to bring him back to the shelter to see what they would recommend for this rash, they gave me a simple ointment to apply so I did for two weeks with no avail, he even started having loose bowel movement, so I decided to bring him to the vet. The vet came out and told me that he was not getting enough protein in his diet, so I upgraded to the next expensive brand thinking about a 180 lbs dog would leave me homeless but his rashes got better and a couple of them even went away.

It wasn't until I bit the bullet and went in for the higher quality food that I saw the best results. After 3 weeks his raw and tender spots were completely healed, his itchy ears were under control and his demeanor had calmed immensely. Now he has a full, gorgeous coat and has gained almost 50 pounds.

I truly believe that, what you give is what you get. We all need a good diet, and so do our furry friends. It is necessary to care and to respect every aspect of their needs. Not to do so is extremely neglectful, and uncaring, and a terrible, terrible shame.

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