Article: Dog Nail Clippers – How to Cut the Nails of Your Dog

Untrimmed make your beloved companion look unattractive. Not only that, it causes feet deformity and walking difficulty. As a general rule, if the nails of your pooch click against hard floors, they are too long. So time to brandish your dog .

Knowing how to cut the nails of your pooch is so important. Your pooch lifestyle will determine how often one should be clipping his nails. If your pooch is constantly trailing hard surface, his nails will be naturally worn away through friction. However, in the outback, clipping his nails becomes an essential part of his or her grooming.

If clipping the nails of your pooch is really not your strong point, take your pooch along to your vet or groomer. Otherwise, following some simple instructions on your brand of dog will suffice.

Have the dog lying on a raised table or other surface. Do remember to put a non-slip mat for your dog to sit or stand to avoid any mishap. Having someone strong hold your dog in their arms while you quickly clip a couple of nails is another effective way of doing this. If you are confident, have the dog positioned on his side. Hold his head down with your left arm and hold his paw with your left hand. Hold your dog nail clippers with your right hand.

For example, with the guillotine dog nail clippers, you need to cut from the underneath the claw of your pooch upwards. Never clip downwards.

Position the tool in the right place; wait for a well-timed moment when your pooch stops wriggling, double check that the is placed correctly. Squeeze firmly and the nail will just pop off.

Nibbling off the ends of each claw little and often is the best policy. Takes the tension of your companion – and yourself! The point to aim for is to trim off any bit that protrudes over the pad of your pup and stop within 2 millimetres of the quick. Thus, when he stands, his claws should not touch the ground. The more you trim the nails of your dog, the more the quick will recede. Therefore, clipping his nails does not have to be done all at once – take your time.

If bleeding does occur, after you cut into the quick, there are three options. One, let the bleeding follow its natural course, that is, let the bleeding stop normally, two, a pinch of corn flour to stop bleeding or apply styptic pen or stick to his nail will stop the bleeding instantly.

Just a little bit of regular preventative action on your part can make life so much easier for your best buddy as walking on protruding long nails can result in broken nails, ingrown nails breaking into the pads of your dogs . Knowing how to cut his nails and just a little extra care will reap a bounty of an active and healthy pooch for a long, long time to come

For any matters on your dog grooming, check out I have set up this information site for dog lovers and people who just want to know more about dogs. Besides dog training, the site also offers information on nutrition, grooming and health.


My dog Hank does NOT trust the Pedi Paw for one second. I've never been able to even touch one of his nails with it. As you can see from the video, he totally freaks out and starts barking in high-pitched “hell no, you ain't touching me with that thing” bark.
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